Audio Restoration from Multiple Copies

I was pondering the usefulness of noise removal based on several copies of a recording, possibly from different physical copies. A Google search reveals that such a technique is already patented: The present invention provides a method for reducing noise using a plurality of recording copies. The present invention produces a master file with lower noise than the available recording copies, and avoids the problems of losing musical content caused by prior art pop and click removers. [Read More]

Too Fast Transfers

I sort of promised to post a few samples of my results from slowing down some tracks that I believe are transferred at too high speed in the DyM Tango Classics collection. Although I have suspected that several other transfers, most notably on the El Bandoneon label were transferred at too high speed, I never tried slowing them down myself because I knew it to be hard to find the correct speed. [Read More]

Tango Audio Restoration

Tango music was recorded with equipment much inferior to what is available today. Adding to that, the record companies threw away the master’s leaving us with reproductions based on the shellac records that further deteriate the sound. For many of the commercial releases of tango music, the Reliquias series, the 78RPM series etc, the transfers have been cleaned and the noises removed for the music to become more clear and easy to listen to. [Read More]