Losing a Friend

by¬†HocusFocusClick Standing in front of the window, glancing out. The day had long since started, yet it was dark outside. It was pouring down, despite being mid-winter. He saw through the rain. He saw through the house across the street. What he saw was her smile. Her dancing cumbia in the kitchen. Her explaining the concepts of “cheta” and “negro”. Her expertly preparing a mate. “Her standing on one leg in the Comme il Faut showroom, trying one shoe while putting on a second while asking for third pair. [Read More]

The Essence of Tango

When we watched the milongueros dancing years ago, we could perceive the mystery behind what they did, no matter if it was easy or difficult. Therefore, technique has to be understood first, then it can be copied, but the goal is to get to its essence. If you use the word "technique" less in class, and instead use words like "essence" and "sensation", students can perform the movement with a more natural attitude and will learn faster than if you speak about numbers, diagonals or muscles. [Read More]