The 'Inventor of Jazz' Plays the Tango

–There is this guy…. and he plays the tango, too. I was at a Christmas party, sharing table with a guy that was writing his thesis on stride piano or pianists. Somehow the topic of tango had come up (strange, isn’t it?), and he was delighted to enlighten me about this early tango reference in American music. He promised to make me a copy, but that never materialized. Nevertheless, I managed to track down the recordings myself. [Read More]


The latest in tango fashion. Tell me it isn’t so…

From the product pages:

> > Either it’s after work, while studying or on a hung-over Sunday morning, this is a garment with a real statement: - Who cares! > >

This has got to be the ultimate subversive fashion.

Learning the Language of Tango

by Simba tango If you don’t know the language of tango, you’ll miss out on a lot, and for once, I don’t mean in a metaphorical sense. One anecdote I remember from my early days of tango was being told of a workshop that started with the following announcement: ”This is an advanced class, hence it will be taught in Spanish…” I’m not sure who it supposedly was that said it, but I have a similar experience with Gustavo Naveira teaching in Buenos Aires with lots of foreigners present: –Is there anyone here that speaks absolutely no Spanish? [Read More]

On Style

by tdietmut To do a dull thing with style--now **that's** what I call art. _Charles Bukowski_ Few topics stir as much emotion among tango people as that of styles… My style is better than yours, my teacher is stronger than yours, people dancing like this are like that… Or equally frustrating, claiming that styles do not exist. We all dance tango, only the others don’t get it… [Read More]

Tango & Football

I’m a little late to post about tango and football, they have been playing for a week already in the World Cup. I deejayed on the opening night and made sure to play a couple of football-related songs, Independiente Club and Racing Club. Don’t think anyone noticed though. Since I’m not really into football, I sort of cheer for Argentina, and they are doing well so far. [Read More]

Mickey Mousing

It seems to be spreading, a new way of interpreting music in tango. Every so often I hear people rave about some couple’s outstanding musicality and more often than not it translates to their mimicking every little plink and plonk in the music with a corresponding movement. Naturally, it requires good knowledge of the song to do this, but does it really demonstrate such great musicality? I once heard this way of dancing called Mickey Mousing, as it was like this music was often used in animations, many from the 1930s and the 1940s. [Read More]

A Better Slogan

by law_keven Time to upgrade my deejaying slogan. While I still sort of like the tongue in cheek fluffy deejay advertisment in-joke of **Keine komische Musik, **it has several problems. It is in German, and doesn’t really translate well. I’m not sure people get the joke, they may not even understand German. Also it may come off a bit negative. I would prefer a more positive note, so to speak. [Read More]

Happy Birthday, Argentina!

by globevisions Argentina is turning 200 today and there are celebrations all over the country. Visit the official site for the bicentenario, where you can vote for the main symbols of Argentina, what defines the Argentinian. Interesting to see which symbols they have selected, and there are quite a few tango related, including the tango itself. From my experience the notion of the homeland (patria) is rather strong in Argentina so I guess this will be a great party! [Read More]

Funny Animation by Artur Marcol

A friend just sent me this Polish piece, called Tango Argentino, and I thought you might enjoy it as well. Did anyone say dancing for the woman…?

Congratulations! | ¡Felicitaciones!

The final of the campeonato de la ciudad (formerly campeonato metropoletano) was last night, and I am happy to see that Sebastián & Ines did well. Felicitaciones, chicos! The full list of the winners is available here. The winners are: Alberto Markus & Ana María Polito (“Tango Salon” Senior) Lucas Carrizo & María Paula Tejeda (“Tango Salón” Adulto) Ariel Manzanares & Daniela Cerquides (“Milonga”) Sebastián Jimenez & María Inés Bogado (“Vals”) [Read More]