Campeones mundiales de tango salon 2010: Maria Ines Bogado & Sebastian Jimenez

This is no longer news, of course, but I am finally catching up after being on vacations with no internet access (which was actually very nice!). My congratulations to these beautiful dancers (that I wrote about before)! The jury consisted of Eduardo Arquimbau, Julio Duplaa, Julio Balmaceda, el Nene Masci, Pablo Inza, Ana Maria Schapira y Javier Rodríguez, according to I appears that some find it shocking that someone so young won the championship (Sebastian is 18). [Read More]

The World's Most Expensive Yerba?

by Benjamin Pender We always bringyerba mate back from Buenos Aires. It has become another habit as a biproduct of the passion for tango. Everywhere you will see porteños with their little thermoses and the cup with a metal straw, the bombilla, sipping away. In the queue, in the park, on the bus, in tango classes etc etc. Anyway — we ran out of the stuff after a couple of months after our return, and went to the specialist tea and coffee store in town. [Read More]

10 Years Anniversary

It is exactly 10 years since I first put a hesitating foot on a festival dance floor today. So I thought it would be fun to refresh my memories and reflect a bit on where I was then, and what I still keep from that time. We were just entering the local tango scene, and didn’t really know anything about tango at all. We had seen Carlos Saura’s Tango, maybe Sally Potter’s Tango Lesson, but probably not yet at that time. [Read More]

Extraordinary dancing, thoughts about tango

This extraordinary video gave me some food for thought and made me finish a line of reasoning that started after noticing a youtube comment. Complaining that the dancing was all acrobatics, but had no feeling for the music. Sounded very familiar, only this time it was not tango dancers, but b-boys they were complaining about. Hip hop and tango have quite some things in common (and obvious differences, of course). [Read More]

Now playing...

Most djs follow a reasonably predictable scheme when they play, grouping the music in tandas of the same orchestra and from the same period. Also some variation of a repeating pattern is common when it comes to the sequence of the tandas. However, new dancers often don’t know this (doesn’t anyone teach about how a milonga works?), and they don’t know the music. And as the incentives to learn it all alone are not as they were in the old days in Buenos Aires, many djs provide an extra service to their community in displaying what they are playing. [Read More]

Updated MusicBrainz Picard Plugins for

by Sebastian Niedlich (Grabthar) I had a couple of requests for the plugins for MusicBrainz Picard in the last months. I haven’t used them much myself, as there sadly are few contributers on tango music to the MusicBrainz metadata database. However, I just checked whether they worked with the current format of tracks.csv from and the newest release of Picard (0.12.1). With one minor adjustment, they now do, and I uploaded the new versions to be found on thetagging with MusicBrainz Picard page. [Read More]

Advanced Body Mechanics and Other Buzzwords

Clearly, they got something out of all these body mechanics workshops… There is something about the fluffy prose of the tango advertising that is either funny or tragic. Maybe both. Why is it that the ones teaching ‘quality of movement’ have nothing of the sort? What exactly is ‘organic tango’? (Tango Voice does a great job in dissecting that term). What about ‘body mechanics’? Apparently these are often used together. [Read More]

Breaking the Code

by Onechis1 -- Using your eyes is the simplest if you feel a bit uncertain. -- See how the other guests behave. Everybody participates in a kind of theatre, where the guests, too, play their parts. That means that you are a part of the other people's experience, just like the others' behaviour is a part of your experience. That is why behaving properly is a way of showing respect for the others' experience. [Read More]