Upcoming Documentary: Eyes Closed -- Ad occhi chiusi

I missed (at least) one on my last post on upcoming movies. This one is an Italian documentary. Here is a link to the film website for more information, and here is a link to the Italian version of the trailer for those who prefer. From the website: This will be the story of Rossana, a young Italian artist, who rediscovers her femininity by means of the Tango, going through a real metamorphosis which is enhanced by the sparkle in her eyes when telling her story. [Read More]

Classics of Tango Dance Music on Spotify

I believe the only way to come to understand the tango is by listening a lot to tango music. Music appreciation classes are all great, but no substitute for putting in hours and hours of listening. For our beginning classes we have always encouraged our students to start listening to tango music right away. We used to give them a free cd, but while feeling quite ok about this morally, it was a bit on the gray side, legally. [Read More]

Jorge Luis Borges

[](http://www.wired.com/underwire/2009/12/hey-oscar-wilde/9/)[![](http://www.wired.com/images_blogs/underwire/2009/12/sci_fi_authors_9a.jpg)](http://www.wired.com/underwire/2009/12/hey-oscar-wilde/9/) Jorge Luis Borges is mainly the man to blame for perpetuating the myth that tango was born in the brothels. Which is amazing, since he was not much if anything of a tanguero. He was Argentine, though, and easily the best known Argentine author. In fact, my first encounter with Argentine culture was when I read an anthology of his short stories in high school. They were quite interesting, often playing mind games, exploring absurtities like a library of all combinations of letters, which would imply that it contain all texts already written, as well as those still unimagined. [Read More]

Upcoming Tango Movies: "Tanguero" and "La cantante de tango"

A short update on a couple of upcoming tango movies. I find it somewhat promising that none of them seem to be about a middle aged dancer or hit man coming to Buenos Aires and there discovering tango and through it, themselves. Still, they may include other clichés such as lost love and finding oneself through tango: Tanguero Omar, a Tango instructor, is forced to return to Buenos Aires because of an important phone call. [Read More]

Gabriel Missé and Natalia Hills in NYTimes (Again)

I meant to post this a while ago, and was reminded when I saw the amazing video from a performance at the Sydney Tango Salon Festival. Coincidentally, I met the organizers in Buenos Aires last year, small world it is :-) But that’s not the point, the point is that The New York Times once again publishes an interesting read about Gabriel Missé and Natalia Hills (The first view is for free, then you hit the paywall): [Read More]

The Art of the Cabeceo Part I: Are You Flirting With Me?

by pedrosimoes7 –Nobody asks me to dance, complained our Canadian classmate. We were sitting at our table in the Buenos Aires Golf Club, overlooking the dark course and the city skyline. We started chatting about the cabeceo, surely she knew the habit of the Porteño dancer to ask by catching a potential partner’s eye and confirming with a slight nod towards the pista? Of course she didn’t. On the contrary, she brought her habit of avoiding to meet the eye of men she did not know, avoiding unwanted attention and flirts from strangers, as she did back home. [Read More]

Fresh Supplies

by Simba tango A box of goodies was waiting for me when I got back from work this afternoon: Cruz de Malta, Rosamonte mate…. and Salamandra Dulce de Leche.. I ended up buying from mate-tee.de, it just took a few days, and the price all included was somewhere around 1o-12 dollars a kg. Which is a lot more reasonable than going on buying the world’s most expensive yerba. [Read More]

Tango (the Dance) Genealogy

The evolution of tango has not followed a single, easy to track, path. It is rather quite a mess, so in an attempt to figure out how it all goes together, I tried putting my current understaning together in a chart (pdf) showing the main developments of the tango dance in all its incarnations. Just to reiterate: in my opinion there are two distinctions that really matter in tango: Social vs. [Read More]

Supply and Demand

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