Learning From Early Music

by madabandon In a sense, dancing Argentine Tango in 2011 in a country far away from Argentina is an inescapable anachronism. How could it ever be authentic? Should it be? Shouldn’t any art form evolve and develop in a quest for ever improvement? In the (un)concious choice between opposing traditions, which would be the right to follow? Now, these questions are not unique for tango of course: The idea of revival has become a touchstone for the Early Music Movement, and consequently the fact that some styles of performance have been going on long enough to develop and build their own continuity presents some philosophical complications. [Read More]

Letras de Non-Tango

Maybe you remember my Letras de Tango post a while back, showing the most used words in tango lyrics. The possibility of doing something similar for other genres/pop music was raised in the comments. And the guys over at last.fm just did exactly that. So head over and have a look at their graphics for Blues, Country, Electronic, Folk, Goth, Hip-Hop, Indie, Metal, Rap, Rock and Soul. They also did some interesting distance charts, showing graphically how similar the lyrics of different genres are. [Read More]

Too Fast Transfers

I sort of promised to post a few samples of my results from slowing down some tracks that I believe are transferred at too high speed in the DyM Tango Classics collection. Although I have suspected that several other transfers, most notably on the El Bandoneon label were transferred at too high speed, I never tried slowing them down myself because I knew it to be hard to find the correct speed. [Read More]

DyM Online | Tango Classics

by Todd Binger I decided to check out the offerings of DyM a bit more closely after I noticed that some of them were available in lossless format from the French site Qobuz. I got a couple of De Caro compilations because they are hard to get by other places. These tracks are mostly from the late 20s and early 30s, so what I found out may or may not apply to other, later recordings issued in this series. [Read More]

Baroque Zamba

Going to Argentina for the tango, you end up falling in love with other things Argentine as well. One of these things is the Zamba, not to be confused with its Brazilian homonym homophone. Imagine the surprised look on Simba’s face listening to a radio show reviewing some new ‘classical’ releases. Suddenly they play an Argentine Zamba, or at least something very similar. The cd in question was the new release from the Clematis Ensemble with music by composer Mateo Romero. [Read More]

Tango Recordings Through the Year

When were the different tangos recorded? From the 9233 unique recordings identified with exact recording date in the tango.info database we can see that not surprisingly there is low activity during summer, more specifically during January and February, it then picks up with peaks in June, September and December. Splitting the numbers over the decades makes a slightly more confusing picture. If you want to check out the recordings for one specific date, there is now a nifty feature over at tango. [Read More]

Rare Tango Tracks Available in DyM's 'Tango Classics' Series

I just learnt that the German label Danza y Movimiento (DyM) are issuing a new series called Tango Classics. It is based on the collection of the collector Klaus Johns. There seems to be quite a few tracks not available elsewhere, for instance by Julio De Caro, so it should be worth checking out for all you serious collectors out there :-) Also listed at tango.info. Unfortunately, they only offer mp3 downloads at the time, flac or some other lossless option would be very nice. [Read More]

Improved Loudness Correction With EBU R128

by Niels Linneberg Music mastered at different levels can be a pain when you’re a dj, as well as when listening to music at home. The great differences in loudness levels is in part due to what is sometimes called the “Loudness War”, but sometimes it is just inconsistent between different issuers. As long as you listen to a CD/compilation as it was designed from the issuer, there is no problem, it is when you start mixing tracks from different sources that the volume starts jumping up and down… [Read More]

Contributing to the Digital Tango Archive

by erielookingproductions I have written about the effort of Tango Via to digitally archive the entire tango catalogue, and how I was impressed with their ambitions, the work so far and the significance of preserving the tango culture for the future. This is an update to point your attention to their donation page, you can donate via Help Argentina if you are outside Argentina. If in Argentina, they suggest you get in touch with them to get instructions for donations. [Read More]