Tango Baby

This post just became relevant again. Happy to bring some good news in 2012. This could mean more posts or less, we’ll see.

Losing a Friend

by HocusFocusClick Standing in front of the window, glancing out. The day had long since started, yet it was dark outside. It was pouring down, despite being mid-winter. He saw through the rain. He saw through the house across the street. What he saw was her smile. Her dancing cumbia in the kitchen. Her explaining the concepts of “cheta” and “negro”. Her expertly preparing a mate. “Her standing on one leg in the Comme il Faut showroom, trying one shoe while putting on a second while asking for third pair. [Read More]

More De Caro

Danza y Movimiento have released anotherbatch of De Caro collections. In addition to the places they were available the last time, they are also available on Spotify (links below). I haven’t had time to listen carefully yet, but the few I have listened to seem to be transferred at the correct speed (unlike some of the older ones). Just in time for the upcoming día del tango. Enjoy: Mocosita (#153) [Read More]

Some Interesting Reading/Viewing Elsewhere

by Smath. Not much time to write at the moment, here are some interesting posts that you might enjoy that I want to keep track of for later for my own sake: Interesting interview with Chicho Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 Quite an interesting read. I could relate very well to his comments on why teachers don’t necessarily dance all the time at festivals. Apparently many people in my local community have difficulties understanding this. [Read More]

The Art of the Cabeceo Part III: When in Rome...

by Bsivad As the music of the cortina fades out, she glances over the tables on the opposite side of the dance floor. Refreshes her memory of where the different dancers she watched on the floor are seated. Preparing to try and catch the eye of one of her favorite partners as the music starts for the next tanda. Her eyes move along the tables, she is nodding to her self, yes, yes, maybe… her eyes reach the corner of the dance floor, and she quickly moves on. [Read More]

TINT based filing and human readable with FUSE and pytagsfs

├── Canaro, Rafael │ ├── HQCD 99 Buenos Aires to Paris - Argentine tango performers in France 1924-1938 │ │ └── La mélodie de notre adieu.flac │ ├── ORQ 232 Rafael Canaro en Francia (1936-1939) │ │ ├── 01 Alma de bandoneón (Mario Beltrán).flac │ │ ├── 02 Campanas del recuerdo.flac │ │ ├── 21 Olvidame (Luis Mariano).flac │ │ └── 22 Callecita de mi novia (Luis Mariano).flac │ └── ORQ 233 1929-1945 │ ├── 01 Las vueltas de la vida. [Read More]


I have this weird interest in the popular culture image of tango, for a large part constituted by various more or less successful renditions of the tango on the silver screen. As a matter of fact I have been looking for this particular rendition since I saw still photos in the tango book by Collier et al. And thanks to Tangocommuter, I realized Valentino (1977) by Ken Russell was released on DVD. [Read More]

The Art of the Cabeceo Part II: Failing Gracefully

There she was, the girl with the blue dress. I noticed here before, but I never managed to catch her eye. Her seat was all the way over at the other corner, so I started walking between the tables. As I approached slowly, I tried to establish eye contact. She changed her position. A slight turn of the head. I got closer. She looked down. Opened her purse. [Read More]