Audio Restoration from Multiple Copies

I was pondering the usefulness of noise removal based on several copies of a recording, possibly from different physical copies. A Google search reveals that such a technique is already patented: The present invention provides a method for reducing noise using a plurality of recording copies. The present invention produces a master file with lower noise than the available recording copies, and avoids the problems of losing musical content caused by prior art pop and click removers. [Read More]

Tango Tunes

The first results are trickling down from the TangoVia project. Tango Tunes is a Vienna based organisation, digitizing music with the help from TangoVia. They recently provided a preview of what they will offer, and I have to say I think it sounds very good. The Troilo sample in particular was very promising. The first songs available for purchase are 100 Biagi songs. The price is EUR 100, which is expensive compared with commercial releases, but cheaper than the Japanese labels. [Read More]

El Corte Documentary

[vimeo 28409308 w=500]

I missed this when it came out. A doucumentary about the legendary El Corte in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Eric Jørissen and El Corte have had a great influence on the European tango scene in general, and if I am not mistaken, on the tango marathon culture in particular.

HT: Veronica

Kung Fu Tango -- Learning From Bruce Lee

--What is the highest technique you hope to achieve? --To have no technique. It is impossible not to think of tango, hearing some of the conversations in the Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon. --Kick me (Bruce Lee to one of his students) student kicks --What was that? An exhibition? We need emotional content. Try again. student kicks again --I said emotional content. Not anger. Now, try again. With _me._ student kicks again --That's it, how did it feel to you? [Read More]

Find One Error

This is a great idea! Trouvez l’erreur! from Les Pas Parfaits de Montréal. Simple, funny and well executed. Drawings by Véronique Paquette. My French is a bit rusty, but I believe the drawings are free to use for non-commercial purposes, and that it is allowed to translate them and incorporate translations in the images.

Makes me want to go to Montréal!

Hope for CTA, AMP, Audio Park reissues?

by eerkmans Many CTA discs and others are available in Europe through the Austrian DJ Bernhard Gehberger. He recently went to Japan and met with the guys behind CTA, AMP and Audio Park. From his report from that trip, it seems like he is working on facilitating reissues of these out-of-print discs. Which would be of great benefit to the tango community if he pulls it through. Today they are both hard to get and expensive. [Read More]

Vero Tango Quotes

During a class. "Good. Now that you know the move, try to enjoy it." "What?" "Enjoy it!" "Oh shit."



I some times muse over the multiple levels of nostalgia in tango. Today we are (at least to some degree) nostalgic about the golden age of tango, peaking in the 1940s. Tango, of course, was already nostalgic about the turn of the century during the golden age. Now, I always thought of this as layered or maybe even recursive nostalgia, beging nostalgic about the nostalgia of the 1940s. Add the nostalgia being a long way from Buenos Aires and longing back to being nostalgic about how they were nostalgic about the fin de ciecle in the golden age, and you get the picture… Even the nostalgia was better in the old days. [Read More]