Go before it's too late

When should you go to Buenos Aires?I would say: as soon as possible. Go before it’s too late! You will gain nothing by waiting. You will not be good enough, anyway ;-) But do by all means go! If you wait until you are ready, you risk missing out on the entire thing. Going to milongas in your neighborhood, you will believe you improve to become a good dancer, and that you know what tango is about. [Read More]

¡Ahora, pollo!

Returning again to Buenos Aires, a lot more experienced and familiar with music and culture than the first time I had read that another Alberto was still live and kicking, Alberto Podestá that would be. We had some tango musicians from our city coming down, and thought it would be an excellent thing to do with them. Podestá is singing at the place La Cumparsita in San Telmo, but for some reason or another we never made it while our musicians were in town. [Read More]

Death in the Afternoon

Sometimes, reading on very different topics can give deep insights in tango. Death in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway is such a book. I thought of tango often when reading his treaty on bullfighting. While not being as deadly or controvertial as the bullfighting, tango is also a culture full of rituals and things you have to know to really appreciate. And it was the parts that was guiding the novice to understand the rich culture of bullfighting and its meaning that really made me think of tango. [Read More]

Why so serious?

Sometimes people are complaining that tango dancers are oh so serious. Never smiling or laughing. Relax, and have som fun, why so serious? For me, I have always had a hard time agreeing on tango being fun. Of course it can be great fun, especially milonga, but not primarily fun. Fun actually has very little to do with it. That is not to say that I do not enjoy tango, on the contrary, I enjoy it very much. [Read More]

Putting the baby to sleep

I quite recently became a father, and the poor child is exposed to a lot of tango music, naturally. (And I get out to dance less, hence the blog writing.) Before he was born, I used to talk about how we would practice walking together, he and I. Now this is how it turned out: The scene: Unpatiant 12 days old boy, waiting for his mother to get ready for breast-feeding. [Read More]

Café de los maestros

Always looking out for new films about tango, both dance and music, I must say I am really looking forward to this one: Café de los maestros. It has been described as the tango equivalent to the _Buena Vista Social Club. I already got the soundtrack, so I know the music is excellent. Can’t wait to see it. _ When oh when will it become available on DVD? It will never be shown on the silver screen where I live I’m afraid. [Read More]

Old tango hero

On our first visit to Buenos Aires, we rented a room in San Telmo. Right in the neighborhood is the Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso. For some reason we never came around to go there, even if it was by far the closest milonga. Until one evening, we finally found space in our schedule to visit El Tasso. There was to be live music, and we were quite excited. The place was packed with people, and all of a sudden an old man was announced, and with support from a couple of guys he entered the stage. [Read More]

The ideal

The previous post about Confiteria Ideal reminded me of the first visit to Buenos Aires back in 2001. This was before YouTube, remember, and there was lots of rumors about everything, and not so much tango information available on the web. Being interested in architecture as well as in tango, trying to find the location for a scene in the film Tango by Carlos Saura, we were told by someone that we should go to one of the oldest milongas in Buenos Aires, yes our source believed it would be the same milonga that was pictured in the movie. [Read More]

Confiteria La Ideal en BBC

Another good documentary about tango. I enjoyed it a lot. Some of the interesting scenes are available on youtube, but the documentary itself was quite hard to get hold of. As far as I could determine, it is not available for sale, not even on ebay, so you better know one of them pirates or use your imagination ;-) I am quite impressed by how ordinary dancers are able to express what tango means to them. [Read More]