Keine komische Musik

by emurray I was warned once in a milonga in Central Europe: We have to dance **now, **this is milonga, he won’t play much of it. Later there will only be _komische Musik _(comical music). This is the best excuse I have ever heard for asking someone (me) to dance! And she was right. The dj had no clue whatsoever and played a lot of – well, komische Musik. [Read More]

Tangueros del Norte: Inspiración

Imagine a tango orchestra of really young and talented musicians, forming a small orquesta típica with members ranging from the age of 10-14. Three bandoneóns, three violins, double bass and piano. Playing tango, and not only Piazzolla. Playing together for several years to get the music under their skin. Where would this happen if not in Buenos Aires? In Norway! In a cold small town in the middle of nowhere, or in the heart of Norway as some would say. [Read More]

Chasing cucarachas

by seretuaccidente Speaking of lack of finesse… What’s with the watching the floor all the time, checking the floor before each step, head moving from side to side, constantly, as if chasing cucarachas. I did not come up with this description myself, but it is very fitting, I think. Whoever came up with this new ‘style’ (or rather lack thereof)? Somebody near them should tell them that it looks ridiculous. [Read More]

Pas de finesse...

by Jayanth Sharma Staying in Buenos Aires for a few months provided several eye-openers. One of the great revelations was concerning the logic of the dance, or rather the lack of it, and how this adds spice to the dance: We were taking lessons with various teachers, with very different philosophies with respect to tango, how to dance it and how to learn it. Gustavo Naveira, the great master, dissected each step carefully, explaining exactly how and why and which steps were crossed and which were open etc. [Read More]

Entering the milonga

by Untitled blue The moment or should I say process of entering a milonga is very special for me. I think savoring the moment is something very important in tango, and for me it starts at the moment I am standing outside the milonga entrance. There is a certain amount of expectation for the night even before, of course, but this is when I really start enjoying the sensation. [Read More]

Boleos helados

by Hettie McFarlane Limerick’s post on boleos made me think of the concept of boleos helados, or frozen boleos. I went to a workshop with Chicho and Lucía a couple of years back, and while the frozen boleos were sort of fun, it ruins your boleo technique if you shape your boleos that way. Methinks. The intrigueing thing about boleos is their free flowing unmanaged quality. Or as Limerick says: [Read More]