Death of the Prodigy dancer

by Mickal Tango is full of nostalgia, even sentimentality. We long for the times that were. Even sentimentality was better in the 40s. How can it be for the real milongueros, who were young in that time? Not to say it is the same, but the thought struck me the other day. I just bought the new Prodigy album, playing it loud and dancing around the kitchen. (I do this a lot, usually to tango music these days) This was the music of my youth, when we went out to party, that was the best. [Read More]

Song numbers

by Stewf Some songs are more popular than others, and some are harder to find than others. Sometimes you have to buy an entire disc full of songs you already have to get just that song. So my library of tango music has a lot of duplicates. And more, is there a word like elevenicates? So the most popular songs are probably available on a lot of records, I figured, and out of curiosity, I checked which were the most popular in my collection, this is for all songs that I have the recording date (from tango. [Read More]

My name is Tango

by Alex Basnett The neverending discussions of styles in tango often leave me baffled, as the idea that one is to choose one of a small number of predefined styles seems perpendicular to my idea of tango. Which is it going to be? Traditional or modern? We have to remember that tango is a quite modern dance – it always was. And no book deals better with the issue of style and the clash of modern and traditional than My name is red by Orhan Pamuk, the author was awarded the Nobel price of literature. [Read More]

Up and down

by Scott Ableman -Have you been practicing tango nuevo? Guilty as charged. He knew immediately. And it was not because I used an open embrace, we were practicing milonga, using a very confined embrace. I often wonder why people get so hang up on the somewhat arbitrary distinction between open and close embrace (all teachers, both “nuevo” and others usually promote very close embrace at times, but for some figures it is not possible to maintain the closest embrace. [Read More]


by Alaz- For some reason, people often assume I dance competitions when they hear I’m a tango dancer. Not so, I tell them. The only competition is to get to dance with the best dancers. And while I still believe that to be true to some extent, a friend (who is an excellent dancer himself), put me on a better track. Why is it so important to dance with the “best”, he asked. [Read More]

Color -- like no other

The world is not black and white, there are grays in between… it is often said when some take a clear position in a debate. And they do have a point of course. But they also sometimes miss the point entirely. Tango is not gray, it is full of colour! You just have to open your eyes and take them in. I am thinking of the “nuevo” versus “traditional” debate, of course. [Read More]

Super super dulce...

httpv:// The Argentines are crazy about sweets, and so will you be after staying there for a while. Take care, the alfajores de Havanna are dangerously good. The cones are for the conoisseurs… httpv:// And while you are relaxing before going out for the milongas, they got a tv show just for making sweets and desserts, called super dulce. I did not find it on youtube, the theme song is hilarious, and you can find a short sample on the super dulce home page. [Read More]

Urban dance

by lrargerich Tango is and always was a very urban culture. The dance even more so. Sometimes visitors to Buenos Aires that are tango dancers somehow expect everybody they meet to be a dancer, and taxi drivers to know all the milongas by name. Not so. Even in Buenos Aires, tango dancing is very much a niche activity, and the world of the milongas is very small even in the great city with millions of inhabitants. [Read More]

Body parts

by Balakov Privates can be tough. Very useful, but tough. On our first trip to Buenos Aires, my wife and I took privates with Julio & Corina, and we worked on the basics. Of course. We learnt a lot, but it was so much to think about. So much we did wrong. So much to fix. For my own sake, it felt like they deconstructed my whole body, just to leave the parts on the floor. [Read More]