Great tango shorts

None of these are exactly new, but Tanghi Argentini just became available on youtube about a week ago, thanks a lot to Janis for the tip! Nominated for the Academy Awards 2008 for best live action short:

And this animated one is not so light hearted, but no less romantic:

Tango Uruguayo

Apropos good neighbours, the Argentines are apparently constantly quarreling with the Uruguayans about things tango related. Given that La cumparsita was composed by an Uruguayan and the birth place of Gardel is still a matter of discussion.

So here is an example of the excellent tango uruguayo, presented by the eminent Walter and Waldo. Hilarious.

Nice film tangos

[caption id=“” align=“alignnone” width=“600” caption=“From Happy Together”][/caption] Fortunately, tango is not always portrayed as completely kitsch in films. So I found that a handful of very nice films, with equally nice tango mandated a post of its own. These are all highly recommended, tango or not. First Happy together by Wong Kar-Wai. He is actually one of my favourite directors, and uses tango as one way to tell us about the relationship and love between two people. [Read More]

El otro camino

by i_gallagher Una vez, tocando con una pequeña orquesta en la escuela de música popular -- eran estudiantes; yo me sentí, tocando con ellos, me sentí cómodo. Pero físicamente cómodo, como cuando uno se siente con la ropa de entrecasa. Y dije: "¿Que me pasa? Y de pronto, la orquesta estaba tocando, esa orquesta de la escuela en un concierto y salen a bailar algunas personas. Y yo ví eso y dije: " [Read More]

Why the Chileans love tango

by f _ d a y --Do you know why the Chileans love tango? I have made a couple of Chilean friends lately, and that means opportunities to practice my castellano. In all countries, the residents make jokes about their neighbours, and one of my new friends told me this one. Another invited us to his asado (or bbq as they say here), and kept insisting on me saying** **tu, not vos like in Argentina. [Read More]

How to organize a Milonga

by Chris and Sue Starting a milonga is easy, right? You just need a place to dance, put some music on, and there you go… …well not exactly. There are lots of small and not so small details that work together to create a good environment for social dancing. Based on my experience as organizer of both unsuccessful events and much more successful events and experience from various milongas and practicas over the world, I attempt to gather some advice on how to approximate the authentic milonga in your own community. [Read More]

Cristhian Sosa & Lida Montovani

Wow! First place both in milonga and vals! I am impressed, but not surprised. They were  in a different class entirely as far as I could judge from the videos posted over at 2xtango.


Here they are performing at La Viruta. A milonga and a vals, of course.


by smcgee One year of Yay! I checked the stats for what would be the most popular regular posts, and they appear to be: Rose in mouth Alejandro Hermida & Maria Jose Grattarola Tango film club On circulation Entering the milonga At feedburner, keeping track of my subscribers (thanks to all of you for reading!) the top five are: Competition [Read More]

Eating the marshmellow

by Sarah Marafi (мυƒƒιησσн™) I just read a very interesting article in the New Yorker about research on people’s ability to deter satisfaction, and how it could be a character treat determined very early. The researchers performed an experiment where children were given the choice of eating a marshmellow now, or wait fifteen minutes, waiting in front of the marshmellows, and get two marshmellows. Some kids were able to find ways of distracting themselves, earning the extra marshmellow in the end. [Read More]