Valentina's Tango

I got a tip about this film that I never heard about, starring rightly famous tango dancer Guillermina Quiroga, arguably one of the best female show dancers of our time. Browsing the reviews online, I wasn’t really sure this was something for me, but as it was available on Netflix, I decided to give Guillermina a chance. This is what Netflix writes about the film: Teetering on the edge of madness, striking dancer Valentina (Guillermina Quiriga) keeps the obsessive love she has for her husband, Eduardo (Jordi Caballero), in check by dancing the tango with him. [Read More]


by Kanaka’s Paradise Life in Hawaii If you have to ask, you will never know. _Luis Armstrong when asked 'what is jazz?'_ –You see, that is not the way to make it ‘swing’ in tango. I was looking out onto the group of people standing around us with question marks painted all over their faces. –Well, I don’t know the right word, but the corresponding to swing in tango. [Read More]

'New' tango music on eMusic

by emilybean Just as I was seriously considering quitting eMusic for good – they deleted my plan, essentially making it more expensive, after I forgot using my credits in time, they just added a load of tango albums, making it somewhat tempting to stay a while longer anyways. Several of the ‘Grandes del Tango’ albums published by Lantower were recently added and also some others. They also changed it so you can buy an entire album for 12 credits, which works out well for tango albums often with 20+ songs. [Read More]

How to get that nice picture next to your comment

by Daniel Semper Some weeks ago, I got a question from another blog how I got the picture next to my comment on their site. It is really easy, all you have to do is to sign up for free at gravatar, upload your photo, and it will appear next to your comments on a wide range of sites, including most blogs powered by Wordpress (like this is). From the gravatar site: [Read More]

Homenaje a los milongueros

by Simba tango As you enter the cathedral of tango, the milonga Sin Rumbo, among the things hanging on the wall is this piece written by Marisa Galindo as a homage to the milongueros. It may serve as guiding principles or ideals for all tango dancers: Los milongueros… son quienes saben hacer la ronda son quienes un oido musical increible son los que conocen cada orquesta y a sus cantores y a veces cantan despacito al oído. [Read More]

El Celulareo

[caption id=“attachment_577” align=“alignnone” width=“539” caption=“El Celulareo?”][/caption] Based on the recent discussion on mobile phones in the milongas. This is the cartoon I mentioned, from B.A. Tango No 198. "It is astounding Brown. The mobile phone has invaded even the milongas." "Shall we dance, Rosita?" "Yes, José!" "I'll finish my coffee and we'll dance." "I'll be waiting for you, Adriana" PS: You can subscribe to B.A. Tango by email by sending an email to abatango@yahoo. [Read More]

Learning to walk

by Café du Monde After spending a lot of time relearning how to walk, and teaching others to do the same, it is refreshing to watch a (very) young man learning to walk, in fact learning basically everything. Following him from being unable to hold his own head, through rolling around and sitting up, getting up by means of whatever furniture or grown up legs are in his proximity is fascinating. [Read More]

Technological advances in tango

by carrotcreative I have to say I feel a bit like an oldie, writing this, but I am kind of old-school when it comes to tango, so I guess that’s ok.. I can’t help but notice how many things have changed since I first started with tango. Not the dance itself, but things around it. Technological changes that the newcomers in tango seem to take for granted, were simply not available only a few years back. [Read More]

La Cumparsita

by Simba tango Niño Bien has always been one of my favorite milongas, and when I found the picture I used for illustration of my post on organizing a milonga, I was reminded that, unlike the photographer, I have never been there early, before the milonga really starts. For some reason, we always arrive late.. …and possibly stay late. Although not often so late as to hear the dj put on La Cumparsita, the tango often used to round off the night at Buenos Aires milongas. [Read More]