Notes on a popular embrace

by Peter Forret I have seen quite a few dismissive comments of a certain embrace lately, someone calling it ‘Reaching for the man’s back pants pocket’-embrace just recently (in the comments, here). Which doesn’t sound very nice to me. I assume it is the one pictured above that is referred to, although I would have to say she is a little off if she is going for this pockets. [Read More]

Quality and snobs

by 96dpi Food (and drinks) metaphors for tango seem to be popular lately, so here in another one: My brother and I have two very distinct wine quality stories that I find very amusing when seen together. Each involves a young woman, at the age where going to parties and flirting with alcohol is at its most exciting, somewhere just before or just after going to university. #1: A rather simple red wine was served with the main dish at a dinner party with the entire class of that year. [Read More]

Zapatillas de tango

Guess what was in the mailbox for our little son the other day? A nice pair of ‘shoes’ made by a friend back home. She has specialized in this kind of baby footwear perfect for developing small feet and new walking skills. All hand made, she makes an effort in always finding a new twist, theming them with butterflies, elephants or monsters. Or creating the very first tango shoes for a tangobaby. [Read More]

Big in Japan

by skyseeker Seeing the reactions from many after the Japanese couple Hiroshi & Kyoko Yamao won the mundial de tango salón as the first non-Argentines, it seems many in the tango world are unaware of the long traditions of tango in Japan. Or maybe some practice selective memory… Todotango has an interesting article on the rise of tango in Japan. While the tradition is certainly shorter in terms of years since the first impact than in Europe (Megata’s first contact with tango was in Paris in the 1920s), it does not lack much, and in a way it represents a tradition closer to the original than in Europe. [Read More]

Campeones mundiales de tango salon 2009: Hiroshi & Kyoko Yamao (JP)

I have wondered whether the Argentine would ever select a non-argentine couple to win the tango salon category. Now I know, the fabulous Japanese couple Hiroshi & Kyoko just won the first prize! Great dancers and great people! Felicitaciones!!! UPDATE: 2xtango got pictures and video from the last ronda with Hiroshi and Kyoko and a nice post about the winners. Also Hiroshi and Kyoko have some pictures at their blog (machine translated from Japanese). [Read More]

Reviving the art of improvisation

by paula moya As a nice apropos to the recent discussion I had with Tangocommuter about improvisation in tango, there is an interesting article in the current issue of The New Yorker about the possible return of the improvised cadenza in western art music: The art of embellishment—improvising cadenzas, adding ornaments, taking other opportunities for creativity in performance—is a hot topic in classical music these days. For generations, conservatories preached absolute fidelity to the score: do what the composer wrote and nothing more. [Read More]

¡Mucha mierda en el mundial!

by Simba tango Tonight is the night of the final of the mundial (world championship) of tango salon. While I always found the idea of a competition in social dancing somewhat absurd, it happens that for the last couple of years several friends have been among the finalists, and that made it all more interesting. It all starts at 1900 local time, and rumors have it there will be live broadcast, and I will try to catch it. [Read More]

Tango in music videos

Old but good: tango (the dance) is used to sell  musical forms that may have little in common with tango. These examples  show that cliches can be treated elegantly and with humour. Not to say that the dancing is necessarily very elegant…

My favorite: the Van Damage. The gotan one is quite cool, too.

The structure of a tango, choreography and how it might improve your dancing

by aperte If you prefer your naïve, pure emotional interpretation of the tango, you might not want to read this. If, on the other hand you think that knowing a little about how tango music is organized might increase the breadth or depth of your musical appreciation, then this could be for you. Like Tangocommuter writes in the discussion of how a tango became approximately three minutes long, a prototypical tango has the structure ABA: [Read More]