The Tango Hustle

–So… what are these guys up to? There I was, attending my very first tango festival. I did not know very much about tango, but I did know enough to notice this couple. They were dancing, but they were doing something quite different… Different indeed. Yet there was something tangoish over it. Not quite ballroom tango, not quite Argentine tango, still a hint of tango. Only watching Saturday Night Fever probably years later, did I realize: What they had been doing was the tango hustle. [Read More]

The origins of 'Tango Nuevo'

When I heard about the Dinzel book, I thought it was sort of a curious project. Working through all possibilities of tango steps, charting them out in elaborate diagrams with circles and arrows in all directions demonstrating the vast space of choreographic possibilites. I had a look at the book at a friend’s place several years ago, but it felt somehow disconnected to how I experienced the dance. [Read More]


I hear it every so often: that tango technique, especially for women, has gone through a tremendous evolution since the resurgence in the early 1980s. Let’s just say I’m not quite convinced. Watch this clip from the 1988 movie Tango Bar, and draw your own conclusions.

Bocca Tango

Make no mistake. This is ballet. Julio Bocca is a famous ballet dancer, and was praised by Juan Carlos Copes in Tango: Bayle Nuestro, so to watch his take on tango, Bocca Tango was intriguing. (You can get it @ ebay) What I didn’t know before watching it was that this performance leads me back to the very beginnings of my own tango journey. It was performed at the Maipo theatre in 2001, and I think it was on at the time of my first visit to Buenos Aires. [Read More]

Confronting the Past

by willposh As tango lovers we want to love Argentina. But Argentina is a country with many problems and a difficult past, making it a country hard to love unconditionally. It was therefore good news to hear that now that the official Argentina finally faces the horrors of the dirty war, the last dictator of Argentina, Reynaldo Bignone, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison (also covered by the BBC & NYT). [Read More]

The Music Instinct

You know more about music than you think. You start picking up the rules from the day you are born, yes even before. And part of what makes music enjoyable is this knowledge of what to expect and the delight when your expectations are fulfilled, or some times bent a little before they find resolution. This is part of the message of a fascinating book about music, The Music Instinct by Philip Ball, (read reviews for instance in The Economist, or in The Guardian) a book that I finally had time to finish reading this week-end. [Read More]

Adiós Maestro

by Simba tango Friday morning brought more sad news from Buenos Aires. It is time to complete the biography of El “Turco” José Brahemcha. Another great milonguero is gone. He had been sick for a while, so in a sense it was no surprise, and we did wonder if we were ever to see him again as we parted for the last time from his apartment in Buenos Aires. [Read More]

Three Fundamentals of Tango

by Peter Forret Whenever I hear the postulate that everything in tango is either a step forward, a step backwards or a side step, I get a little irritated. I know what they mean, and it’s not that it is entirely wrong, it’s rather that it is incomplete, and it tends to send people off in a very step oriented direction. But I have written about that before. [Read More]

Hurrying slowly

–So when are you guys going on tour? –Well. I don’t know. It’s no hurry…

A few months later, they are teaching and performing in Hong Kong. Never in a hurry, but moving along nicely. Just as it is supposed to be.