by andy khouri Insights about tango may be found where you least suspect it. Slow down and dance with me… yeah.. Knew you'd be here tonight So I put my best dress on Boy I was so right Our eyes connected Now nothing's how it used to be No second guesses Track in on this feeling Pull focus close up you and me Nobody's leaving Got me affected Spun me 180 degrees It's so electric Slow down and dance with me Yeah. [Read More]

White powder vs. Tango Argentino

Powder Mountain Perspective from Ian Provo on Vimeo. Common (could be pro or con, depending…): Balance Rhythm Dissociation Improvisation Flow Max 12 min. rush Addictive Skiing pros Fresh air Beautiful mountains Keeps you in shape Skiing cons Avalanches Weather dependent Cold, dress accordingly Tough ascents Heavy on the knees Practical clothing [Read More]

The tyranny of novelty

by Jacob Bøtter The man who has journeyed all over the world can't find any novelty in five thousand miles, for he finds only new things -- yet another novelty, the old routine of the forever new -- while his abstract concept of novelty got lost at sea after the second new thing he saw. _The Book of Disquiet (171) by Fernando Pessoa_ As in fashion, people in dance seem always to be chasing the new black. [Read More]

12 Tangos -- Adios Buenos Aires

The documentary 12 tangos was just released in international version on DVD. It is a documentary, and the Adios Buenos Aires part of the title is somehow more accurate with regards to the content of the film. If you are looking for the Buena Vista Social Club of tango, you will be disappointed. There are no interviews with musicians, and only a few of the oldtimers participate in the orchestra. [Read More]

How I started DJing

by AllegaertMe When I started dancing tango, the “milonga” was in a café where we basically heard the same double cd over and over and over. In general, everybody knew exactly what song came next and started humming on the next song before it started. Knowing the music is all good, but, well… -I guess I would start djing, was the dry comment from an American dancer we met in Bs As a few years ago when I told this story. [Read More]

Nuevo tools, nuevo problems

Models can be very useful. By making a simplified version of the world that we are able to grasp, we may learn something about the world outside the model as well. This approach has proven very successful in a lot of areas, and is also applied to tango. There is a danger associated with model building, as everyone working with them should know, and that is to mistake the model for reality. [Read More]