Los estilos fundamentales del tango por Ignacio Varchausky

Ignacio Varchausky is doing a series of very interesting seminars on the style of different tango orchestras. Audio recordings of the seminars have been released with links in the facebook comments, and that means an opportunity to listen to them even when very lejos de Buenos Aires. They are in Spanish though, so you need to follow spoken Spanish reasonably well to make any use of it. Apparently, they build on a seminar similar to the one that inspired this post on how to listen to tango, so you might want to check out that first, if you haven’t already. [Read More]

On Style

by tdietmut To do a dull thing with style--now **that's** what I call art. _Charles Bukowski_ Few topics stir as much emotion among tango people as that of styles… My style is better than yours, my teacher is stronger than yours, people dancing like this are like that… Or equally frustrating, claiming that styles do not exist. We all dance tango, only the others don’t get it… [Read More]

My name is Tango

by Alex Basnett The neverending discussions of styles in tango often leave me baffled, as the idea that one is to choose one of a small number of predefined styles seems perpendicular to my idea of tango. Which is it going to be? Traditional or modern? We have to remember that tango is a quite modern dance – it always was. And no book deals better with the issue of style and the clash of modern and traditional than My name is red by Orhan Pamuk, the author was awarded the Nobel price of literature. [Read More]

Chasing cucarachas

by seretuaccidente Speaking of lack of finesse… What’s with the watching the floor all the time, checking the floor before each step, head moving from side to side, constantly, as if chasing cucarachas. I did not come up with this description myself, but it is very fitting, I think. Whoever came up with this new ‘style’ (or rather lack thereof)? Somebody near them should tell them that it looks ridiculous. [Read More]

All you need to know about style

by DCCXLIX A lot can be said about styles in tango. More on that in later posts. All you need to know about styles is the following: Traditionally, we make a distinction between social tango (tango salón) and performances (tango fantasía). Tango salón In a milonga, good navigation and connection with your partner is very important, as is dancing with the rest of the dance floor, which in general means no high boleos, ganchos etc. [Read More]