Tango Baby

This post just became relevant again. Happy to bring some good news in 2012. This could mean more posts or less, we’ll see.

10 Years Anniversary

It is exactly 10 years since I first put a hesitating foot on a festival dance floor today. So I thought it would be fun to refresh my memories and reflect a bit on where I was then, and what I still keep from that time. We were just entering the local tango scene, and didn’t really know anything about tango at all. We had seen Carlos Saura’s Tango, maybe Sally Potter’s Tango Lesson, but probably not yet at that time. [Read More]

A Better Slogan

by law_keven Time to upgrade my deejaying slogan. While I still sort of like the tongue in cheek fluffy deejay advertisment in-joke of **Keine komische Musik, **it has several problems. It is in German, and doesn’t really translate well. I’m not sure people get the joke, they may not even understand German. Also it may come off a bit negative. I would prefer a more positive note, so to speak. [Read More]

Bring out your lion

by digitalART2 How could Simba not like a workshop that started by working with bringing out your inner lion? Not the little cute one, but the grown up, strong one? The day started rather low, though. –I am not feeling well, and I had been looking forward to this for so long. La princesa went straight back to bed and needed to stay there, it seemed. I was taking our little guy to his arts class, and she would go to the women’s technique class with Graciela. [Read More]


by smcgee One year of simbatango.com Yay! I checked the stats for what would be the most popular regular posts, and they appear to be: Rose in mouth Alejandro Hermida & Maria Jose Grattarola Tango film club On circulation Entering the milonga At feedburner, keeping track of my subscribers (thanks to all of you for reading!) the top five are: Competition [Read More]


Roaring lion by Tambako the Jaguar, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by  Tambako the Jaguar

Simba.. is trapped in a cage. Yes, he has youtube, he has his music collection. But something is missing. Grrrrrrr.

Will someone please take Simba for a walk. A Di Sarli walk. Or if that’s not possible, maybe some comforting words…