DyM Online | Tango Classics

by Todd Binger I decided to check out the offerings of DyM a bit more closely after I noticed that some of them were available in lossless format from the French site Qobuz. I got a couple of De Caro compilations because they are hard to get by other places. These tracks are mostly from the late 20s and early 30s, so what I found out may or may not apply to other, later recordings issued in this series. [Read More]

El otro camino

by i_gallagher Una vez, tocando con una pequeña orquesta en la escuela de música popular -- eran estudiantes; yo me sentí, tocando con ellos, me sentí cómodo. Pero físicamente cómodo, como cuando uno se siente con la ropa de entrecasa. Y dije: "¿Que me pasa? Y de pronto, la orquesta estaba tocando, esa orquesta de la escuela en un concierto y salen a bailar algunas personas. Y yo ví eso y dije: " [Read More]

Tangueros del Norte: Inspiración

Imagine a tango orchestra of really young and talented musicians, forming a small orquesta típica with members ranging from the age of 10-14. Three bandoneóns, three violins, double bass and piano. Playing tango, and not only Piazzolla. Playing together for several years to get the music under their skin. Where would this happen if not in Buenos Aires? In Norway! In a cold small town in the middle of nowhere, or in the heart of Norway as some would say. [Read More]

12 Tangos -- Adios Buenos Aires

The documentary 12 tangos was just released in international version on DVD. It is a documentary, and the Adios Buenos Aires part of the title is somehow more accurate with regards to the content of the film. If you are looking for the Buena Vista Social Club of tango, you will be disappointed. There are no interviews with musicians, and only a few of the oldtimers participate in the orchestra. [Read More]