by Alaz- For some reason, people often assume I dance competitions when they hear I’m a tango dancer. Not so, I tell them. The only competition is to get to dance with the best dancers. And while I still believe that to be true to some extent, a friend (who is an excellent dancer himself), put me on a better track. Why is it so important to dance with the “best”, he asked. [Read More]

More on reinvention

by oschene After discussing my short post on reinvention in the comments, I decided to write a new post discussing the matter. Here is the quote again: "Those who don't understand [Tango] are condemned to reinvent it, poorly." – Henry Spencer (about Unix) First I thought of it as a warning against setting out to reinvent or improve something that you do not fully understand, as it will be futile. [Read More]

Waiting for the right moment

by just.Luc -I see a lot of men are not dancing. They can't manage to dance when the floor is so full of people. -It may not be because of lack of ability. It may be because they enjoy the dance more when the floor is not packed and they can more around the floor in their dance. Maybe they are waiting for their favorite music. [Read More]