Los estilos fundamentales del tango por Ignacio Varchausky

Ignacio Varchausky is doing a series of very interesting seminars on the style of different tango orchestras. Audio recordings of the seminars have been released with links in the facebook comments, and that means an opportunity to listen to them even when very lejos de Buenos Aires. They are in Spanish though, so you need to follow spoken Spanish reasonably well to make any use of it. Apparently, they build on a seminar similar to the one that inspired this post on how to listen to tango, so you might want to check out that first, if you haven’t already. [Read More]

Mickey Mousing

It seems to be spreading, a new way of interpreting music in tango. Every so often I hear people rave about some couple’s outstanding musicality and more often than not it translates to their mimicking every little plink and plonk in the music with a corresponding movement. Naturally, it requires good knowledge of the song to do this, but does it really demonstrate such great musicality? I once heard this way of dancing called Mickey Mousing, as it was like this music was often used in animations, many from the 1930s and the 1940s. [Read More]

What does it mean to dance with 'good musicality'?

by mhowry Tango dancers often discuss the importance of dancing to the music, having ‘good musicality’ etc. But what exactly does it mean to dance musically? I tried noting some possibilities, and since some are very basic, while other are more advanced (and should be used sparingly). I tried to classify them within the usual trichotomy of beginner/intermediate/advanced, thinking that you have to know the very basics, and you should master basically everything in the intermediate before venturing out into the advanced concepts. [Read More]


by Kanaka’s Paradise Life in Hawaii If you have to ask, you will never know. _Luis Armstrong when asked 'what is jazz?'_ –You see, that is not the way to make it ‘swing’ in tango. I was looking out onto the group of people standing around us with question marks painted all over their faces. –Well, I don’t know the right word, but the corresponding to swing in tango. [Read More]

Death of the Prodigy dancer

by Mickal Tango is full of nostalgia, even sentimentality. We long for the times that were. Even sentimentality was better in the 40s. How can it be for the real milongueros, who were young in that time? Not to say it is the same, but the thought struck me the other day. I just bought the new Prodigy album, playing it loud and dancing around the kitchen. (I do this a lot, usually to tango music these days) This was the music of my youth, when we went out to party, that was the best. [Read More]

The real stuff

by oed Ah -- you dance **real** milonga (echte Milonga). After struggling with my milonga for years, this was the ultimate sign I was finally getting somewhere. And one of my favorite compliments ever. I got a tip from the Argentine host to ask this woman to dance, he thought I should dance with someone good. So I did. And was not disappointed. Starting almost right out with a milonga, which would have terrified me only a year earlier. [Read More]