Losing a Friend

by HocusFocusClick Standing in front of the window, glancing out. The day had long since started, yet it was dark outside. It was pouring down, despite being mid-winter. He saw through the rain. He saw through the house across the street. What he saw was her smile. Her dancing cumbia in the kitchen. Her explaining the concepts of “cheta” and “negro”. Her expertly preparing a mate. “Her standing on one leg in the Comme il Faut showroom, trying one shoe while putting on a second while asking for third pair. [Read More]

Learning From Early Music

by madabandon In a sense, dancing Argentine Tango in 2011 in a country far away from Argentina is an inescapable anachronism. How could it ever be authentic? Should it be? Shouldn’t any art form evolve and develop in a quest for ever improvement? In the (un)concious choice between opposing traditions, which would be the right to follow? Now, these questions are not unique for tango of course: The idea of revival has become a touchstone for the Early Music Movement, and consequently the fact that some styles of performance have been going on long enough to develop and build their own continuity presents some philosophical complications. [Read More]


I hear it every so often: that tango technique, especially for women, has gone through a tremendous evolution since the resurgence in the early 1980s. Let’s just say I’m not quite convinced. Watch this clip from the 1988 movie Tango Bar, and draw your own conclusions.

Adiós Maestro

by Simba tango Friday morning brought more sad news from Buenos Aires. It is time to complete the biography of El “Turco” José Brahemcha. Another great milonguero is gone. He had been sick for a while, so in a sense it was no surprise, and we did wonder if we were ever to see him again as we parted for the last time from his apartment in Buenos Aires. [Read More]

"El Turco" José Brahemcha -- a short biography

El "Turco" José -- as he is commonly known -- was born in Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of Saavedra, July 17 1931. He was a dedicated bicycle rider when he was a kid, until his mother (who was a tango singer) suggested that he learn to dance "to get to know some girls". At the age of 16, he started to practice with his friends from his neighborhood in the house of one of them, where they had a gramophone player. [Read More]

The Essence of Tango

When we watched the milongueros dancing years ago, we could perceive the mystery behind what they did, no matter if it was easy or difficult. Therefore, technique has to be understood first, then it can be copied, but the goal is to get to its essence. If you use the word "technique" less in class, and instead use words like "essence" and "sensation", students can perform the movement with a more natural attitude and will learn faster than if you speak about numbers, diagonals or muscles. [Read More]

'El Turco' José Brahemcha

I have only one great regret in tango, and that it not taking classes with Gavito. Of course there are others as well, but with Gavito we had the opportunity, we passed, and shame on us for it. Of course, at the time we simply didn’t know better. Determined not to make same mistake again, we decided to take our teachers’ advice and try to get in touch with the legendary ‘El Turco’ José. [Read More]

Homenaje a los milongueros -- the show

Marisa Galindo was directing a show in honor of the milongueros, and she is now posting footage from this show on youtube for all of us to see! The show was filmed on the 16th of October 1991, Homenaje a los Milongueros de Buenos Aires. I have seen fragments of this show before, but didn’t know the source, and this seems to be much better quality and I think complete. Truth to be told, I haven’t had time to watch it all yet, but I will, and I will watch it again. [Read More]