What's in a name?

by ricmcarthur There is this new milonga in the the town I grew up, and of all things they have called it La colgada. Now, that gives me all the wrong associations when it comes to a milonga, but from how I know the tango scene there, I guess it is merely truth in advertising. But come on, naming a milonga after a step/figure? Why on earth would you do that? [Read More]

La Cumparsita

by Simba tango Niño Bien has always been one of my favorite milongas, and when I found the picture I used for illustration of my post on organizing a milonga, I was reminded that, unlike the photographer, I have never been there early, before the milonga really starts. For some reason, we always arrive late.. …and possibly stay late. Although not often so late as to hear the dj put on La Cumparsita, the tango often used to round off the night at Buenos Aires milongas. [Read More]

How to organize a Milonga

by Chris and Sue Starting a milonga is easy, right? You just need a place to dance, put some music on, and there you go… …well not exactly. There are lots of small and not so small details that work together to create a good environment for social dancing. Based on my experience as organizer of both unsuccessful events and much more successful events and experience from various milongas and practicas over the world, I attempt to gather some advice on how to approximate the authentic milonga in your own community. [Read More]

Nice floor

by Simba tango Simba found a new cage. It has the most lovely hardwood floor. Parquet. Yum-ba! We’ll see how much milongas there will be in the new town, but Simba already started patrolling the new territory with enrosques and paradas thrown in here and there. And it is smooooth! So at least some private dancing inside the cave, while guarding the offspring. I must admit floors mean a lot more to me after dancing tango for a while than they did before. [Read More]


marathon sacrifice by darkmatter, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License by  darkmatter

So what’s with this marathon thing that seems to be spreading across Europe? I never found anything positive about marathons, running and sweating for hours on asphalt with no break and being totally destroyed afterwards?

Of course, people may dance as they like. Myself, I prefer a nice milonga, champagne at the table, nice and clean clothes, nice and calm. Having a ball. Walking.

Entering the milonga

by Untitled blue The moment or should I say process of entering a milonga is very special for me. I think savoring the moment is something very important in tango, and for me it starts at the moment I am standing outside the milonga entrance. There is a certain amount of expectation for the night even before, of course, but this is when I really start enjoying the sensation. [Read More]

Tango magazines -- preparing for Buenos Aires

Some of our students are going to Buenos Aires tomorrow. Oh the memories… I made sure they were equipped with the latest editions of El tangauta and B.A. Tango, giving a good overview over the happenings in November and December. They were always hard to get, even if they are given away for free, it could easily take a couple of weeks before we got hold of an issue. Now, they are available online, and one can prepare for the first week at home or on the plane down there. [Read More]

Waiting for the right moment

by just.Luc -I see a lot of men are not dancing. They can't manage to dance when the floor is so full of people. -It may not be because of lack of ability. It may be because they enjoy the dance more when the floor is not packed and they can more around the floor in their dance. Maybe they are waiting for their favorite music. [Read More]

Salón Canning

I realize that the guys at Movement invites movement are not afraid of provocation, but I think they suffer a tiny bit from a syndrome often associated with Gringos, shooting from the waist. In their rant abot Canning, they fail to recognize a few important reasons Canning has such an important position. Aside from being one of the very best floors in the city (maybe the very best), it attracts many excellent dancers. [Read More]

Old tango hero

On our first visit to Buenos Aires, we rented a room in San Telmo. Right in the neighborhood is the Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso. For some reason we never came around to go there, even if it was by far the closest milonga. Until one evening, we finally found space in our schedule to visit El Tasso. There was to be live music, and we were quite excited. The place was packed with people, and all of a sudden an old man was announced, and with support from a couple of guys he entered the stage. [Read More]