Do the Argentines have it in their blood?

by themanwithsalthair –You have to realize, Simba, that there are great non-Argentine teachers, too! This argument came up in a heated debate, and while I agree in principle, the teachers she had in mind were mediocre at best, so it didn’t really change my opinion much. In an online debate along similar lines, I once noticed an attempt to ridicule the ones pointing out the Argentines’ comparative advantage in tango by comparing them to people holding the view that the ‘negroes had it in their blood’ (when talking about rhythm, obviously). [Read More]

How less becomes more

by hooverine There was something she said that stayed with me. So well put. ‘When he leads a step, say backwards for the woman’, Graciela said, ‘then there is one possibility: going backwards. There are not three possible steps. Not three, not two. One.’ All the time I see so called ‘advanced’ dancers, throwing their partners around, the women looking like nervous chicken trying to guess the right thing to do for each and every step. [Read More]

Treating the symptoms

by Dradd. I had a laugh when I read this part by MovementInvitesMovement. In their wonderful, provocative style, they wrote an entire post about something that I hinted at in a comment in my post about clothes and tango. Some hard core dancers would say that if it gets too warm with the jacket on, you are waisting energy ![;-)]( When my beloved wife read that, her immediate reaction was: hard core dancers? [Read More]

Getting out of the quagmire

I was considering using a grandiose title for this post. Something like Return of a King or The Comeback or something along those lines. But it doesn’t quite feel that way. I feels more like finally getting a kick in the butt, and slowly getting out of the quagmire, one millimeter at the time. Actually it was rather two kicks in the butt. The first was that a couple we know here that is in the same situation as us actually went to a tango dance before us. [Read More]

Thrill your partners... (1940)

**Jim used to wonder** why he never enjoyed dancing---why he hesitated whenever he asked a friend to be his partner. One evening when he was trying to make up his mind to ask a very charming young lady to dance, he suddenly realized that if his dancing were more modern... he would get more enjoyment out of life. Jim took a few lessons at the Arthur Murray Studios. Today he is not only an excellent dancer, but he has also gained poise and confidence. [Read More]

Up and down

by Scott Ableman -Have you been practicing tango nuevo? Guilty as charged. He knew immediately. And it was not because I used an open embrace, we were practicing milonga, using a very confined embrace. I often wonder why people get so hang up on the somewhat arbitrary distinction between open and close embrace (all teachers, both “nuevo” and others usually promote very close embrace at times, but for some figures it is not possible to maintain the closest embrace. [Read More]

Body parts

by Balakov Privates can be tough. Very useful, but tough. On our first trip to Buenos Aires, my wife and I took privates with Julio & Corina, and we worked on the basics. Of course. We learnt a lot, but it was so much to think about. So much we did wrong. So much to fix. For my own sake, it felt like they deconstructed my whole body, just to leave the parts on the floor. [Read More]

Empty movement

by bass_nroll As you probably know, tango is not merely a dance. Among other things, the dance is also a language. It is not like a language, because the different movements have different meanings, which can be used for actual communication. It is not a metaphor. However, when people copy movements without realizing the underlying meaning, the result is movements with no meaning. Empty movement. Or even worse, you may be saying something without knowing it. [Read More]

Un beso...

by Kevin Steele Buenos Aires is not like home. And when in Rome, drive like the Romans… And the Argentines kiss when they meet. Better get used to it. (...) would lean over, ready to commit the act that, I thought, was reserved only for girlfriends and, on occasion, family. This guy used a few months it seems, but has written a really entertaining account of the argentinian kissing habits. [Read More]