Find One Error

This is a great idea! Trouvez l’erreur! from Les Pas Parfaits de Montréal. Simple, funny and well executed. Drawings by Véronique Paquette. My French is a bit rusty, but I believe the drawings are free to use for non-commercial purposes, and that it is allowed to translate them and incorporate translations in the images.

Makes me want to go to Montréal!

Vero Tango Quotes

During a class. "Good. Now that you know the move, try to enjoy it." "What?" "Enjoy it!" "Oh shit."



I some times muse over the multiple levels of nostalgia in tango. Today we are (at least to some degree) nostalgic about the golden age of tango, peaking in the 1940s. Tango, of course, was already nostalgic about the turn of the century during the golden age. Now, I always thought of this as layered or maybe even recursive nostalgia, beging nostalgic about the nostalgia of the 1940s. Add the nostalgia being a long way from Buenos Aires and longing back to being nostalgic about how they were nostalgic about the fin de ciecle in the golden age, and you get the picture… Even the nostalgia was better in the old days. [Read More]


The latest in tango fashion. Tell me it isn’t so…

From the product pages:

> > Either it’s after work, while studying or on a hung-over Sunday morning, this is a garment with a real statement: - Who cares! > >

This has got to be the ultimate subversive fashion.

Tango & Football

I’m a little late to post about tango and football, they have been playing for a week already in the World Cup. I deejayed on the opening night and made sure to play a couple of football-related songs, Independiente Club and Racing Club. Don’t think anyone noticed though. Since I’m not really into football, I sort of cheer for Argentina, and they are doing well so far. [Read More]

A Better Slogan

by law_keven Time to upgrade my deejaying slogan. While I still sort of like the tongue in cheek fluffy deejay advertisment in-joke of **Keine komische Musik, **it has several problems. It is in German, and doesn’t really translate well. I’m not sure people get the joke, they may not even understand German. Also it may come off a bit negative. I would prefer a more positive note, so to speak. [Read More]