Some Interesting Reading/Viewing Elsewhere

by Smath. Not much time to write at the moment, here are some interesting posts that you might enjoy that I want to keep track of for later for my own sake: Interesting interview with Chicho Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 Quite an interesting read. I could relate very well to his comments on why teachers don’t necessarily dance all the time at festivals. Apparently many people in my local community have difficulties understanding this. [Read More]

Gabriel Missé and Natalia Hills in NYTimes (Again)

I meant to post this a while ago, and was reminded when I saw the amazing video from a performance at the Sydney Tango Salon Festival. Coincidentally, I met the organizers in Buenos Aires last year, small world it is :-) But that’s not the point, the point is that The New York Times once again publishes an interesting read about Gabriel Missé and Natalia Hills (The first view is for free, then you hit the paywall): [Read More]

Extraordinary dancing, thoughts about tango

This extraordinary video gave me some food for thought and made me finish a line of reasoning that started after noticing a youtube comment. Complaining that the dancing was all acrobatics, but had no feeling for the music. Sounded very familiar, only this time it was not tango dancers, but b-boys they were complaining about. Hip hop and tango have quite some things in common (and obvious differences, of course). [Read More]

The origins of 'Tango Nuevo'

When I heard about the Dinzel book, I thought it was sort of a curious project. Working through all possibilities of tango steps, charting them out in elaborate diagrams with circles and arrows in all directions demonstrating the vast space of choreographic possibilites. I had a look at the book at a friend’s place several years ago, but it felt somehow disconnected to how I experienced the dance. [Read More]


It is all too much. It is so frikkin’ cold, reality slaps us in the face, and then this. The loss of a brilliant dancer, so young. How sad for a mother to outlive her son. Too much.

Que en paz descanse. We will miss you.

Video tip by TP

Interview with Mariano 'Chicho' Frumboli

by parakulturado [T]oday there is a new generation that learned to dance 2,3 or 5 years ago, who only know how to do the new styles, the ganchos, the colgadas, but who are not in contact with everything that came before, and I go to the milongas and I see people that know how to move but that don’t know how to dance, people don’t breathe tango like they did before. [Read More]

Old fashioned dance report

by wallyg We are so used to watching youtube videos from dancers’ exhibition all over the world, and I thought I would share an enthusiastic review using words to describe the impact seeing one of the talented young tango couples can have on a spectator without a background in tango (I think). She and he combine gorgeously. No acrobatic lifts (no lifts at all, if I remember rightly), no high kicks; just two bodies scarcely sundered while dancing in unbroken streams of changing ideas to the music. [Read More]

Popularity contest: dancers@youtube

by strollerdos Following up on the first popularity contest, I wanted to check how popular these dancers are on YouTube… I used the 20 most popular from the google search numbers. Searching first for name and tango, then selecting the number of views from the most viewed video. Here are the results: 1 Julio Balmaceda 520,941 2 Juan Carlos Copes [Read More]

Popularity contest: dancers@google

by geckoam Out of curiosity I started googling some more and less famous dancers, to compare popularity on the web. Some interesting results… Methodology: I simply searched for the complete name (exact phrase) as listed below and the word “tango” and made a note of the number of hits. Suggestions for improvements and important omissions are welcome. The ones best known by their first name or nickname are a bit tricky, but this is the result so far. [Read More]