Dancing to the music of time

But among so many lessons, with so many teachers, I find contradictions and clichés. My feet are shovels; my feet are paintbrushes. My feet must caress the floor, intensely; my feet are too firm against the floorboards. My embrace must be close, like the embrace of a lover; my embrace must leave space for the tension between us. I am a cat, I am a lion, I am a horse-rider. Carina tells me I need to work on my ochos. [Read More]


I have this weird interest in the popular culture image of tango, for a large part constituted by various more or less successful renditions of the tango on the silver screen. As a matter of fact I have been looking for this particular rendition since I saw still photos in the tango book by Collier et al. And thanks to Tangocommuter, I realized Valentino (1977) by Ken Russell was released on DVD. [Read More]

Rose in mouth

by alyssathiele The tango cliché of dancing with a rose in the mouth is quite fascinating. It is everywhere, and everybody doing argentine tango wants absolutely nothing to do with it. But where does it come from? I have often seen it associated with the silent movie star Rudolph Valentino, and suggested that it first appeared in the movie Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921). So being curious, I had to check this out. [Read More]

In the eye of the beholder

Isn’t it funny how we see so different things, even when watching the exact same event? I remember seeing containers all over the place while we were renovating our appartment, a friend who is an architect and carpenter seemed to literally see through the walls in the house before we bought it. A trained art expert will instantly recognize the work of an artist, an analyst will see through the endless rows of numbers in a spreadsheet… [Read More]