Pas de finesse...

by Jayanth Sharma Staying in Buenos Aires for a few months provided several eye-openers. One of the great revelations was concerning the logic of the dance, or rather the lack of it, and how this adds spice to the dance: We were taking lessons with various teachers, with very different philosophies with respect to tango, how to dance it and how to learn it. Gustavo Naveira, the great master, dissected each step carefully, explaining exactly how and why and which steps were crossed and which were open etc. [Read More]

Classes and entertainment

Why do people take classes? When I first started out in tango, I assumed people attended to classes to learn how to dance or to improve their dance, learning steps or improving technique or other skills. How naïve. After several years more, I have discovered that people take classes for a variety of reasons, some of which I find perfectly reasonable, others I still cannot really understand. The good reasons are: [Read More]