Campeones mundiales de tango salon 2010: Maria Ines Bogado & Sebastian Jimenez

This is no longer news, of course, but I am finally catching up after being on vacations with no internet access (which was actually very nice!). My congratulations to these beautiful dancers (that I wrote about before)! The jury consisted of Eduardo Arquimbau, Julio Duplaa, Julio Balmaceda, el Nene Masci, Pablo Inza, Ana Maria Schapira y Javier Rodríguez, according to I appears that some find it shocking that someone so young won the championship (Sebastian is 18). [Read More]

Congratulations! | ¡Felicitaciones!

The final of the campeonato de la ciudad (formerly campeonato metropoletano) was last night, and I am happy to see that Sebastián & Ines did well. Felicitaciones, chicos! The full list of the winners is available here. The winners are: Alberto Markus & Ana María Polito (“Tango Salon” Senior) Lucas Carrizo & María Paula Tejeda (“Tango Salón” Adulto) Ariel Manzanares & Daniela Cerquides (“Milonga”) Sebastián Jimenez & María Inés Bogado (“Vals”) [Read More]

Japan Update

Finally somevideos of the new champions. Bear over with the person holding the camera not being able to keep still, and make sure you get the milonga at the end. The Argentine newspaper Clarin has a short interview with them. I mentioned in a previous post that Japan was important because of the collectors of tango music there, and Royce recently posted several posts (here, here and here [UPDATE: She added part 4, part 5 and part 6] ) on this topic that are well worth a read. [Read More]

Big in Japan

by skyseeker Seeing the reactions from many after the Japanese couple Hiroshi & Kyoko Yamao won the mundial de tango salón as the first non-Argentines, it seems many in the tango world are unaware of the long traditions of tango in Japan. Or maybe some practice selective memory… Todotango has an interesting article on the rise of tango in Japan. While the tradition is certainly shorter in terms of years since the first impact than in Europe (Megata’s first contact with tango was in Paris in the 1920s), it does not lack much, and in a way it represents a tradition closer to the original than in Europe. [Read More]

Campeones mundiales de tango salon 2009: Hiroshi & Kyoko Yamao (JP)

I have wondered whether the Argentine would ever select a non-argentine couple to win the tango salon category. Now I know, the fabulous Japanese couple Hiroshi & Kyoko just won the first prize! Great dancers and great people! Felicitaciones!!! UPDATE: 2xtango got pictures and video from the last ronda with Hiroshi and Kyoko and a nice post about the winners. Also Hiroshi and Kyoko have some pictures at their blog (machine translated from Japanese). [Read More]

¡Mucha mierda en el mundial!

by Simba tango Tonight is the night of the final of the mundial (world championship) of tango salon. While I always found the idea of a competition in social dancing somewhat absurd, it happens that for the last couple of years several friends have been among the finalists, and that made it all more interesting. It all starts at 1900 local time, and rumors have it there will be live broadcast, and I will try to catch it. [Read More]

Cristhian Sosa & Lida Montovani

Wow! First place both in milonga and vals! I am impressed, but not surprised. They were  in a different class entirely as far as I could judge from the videos posted over at 2xtango.


Here they are performing at La Viruta. A milonga and a vals, of course.

Confiteria La Ideal en BBC

Another good documentary about tango. I enjoyed it a lot. Some of the interesting scenes are available on youtube, but the documentary itself was quite hard to get hold of. As far as I could determine, it is not available for sale, not even on ebay, so you better know one of them pirates or use your imagination ;-) I am quite impressed by how ordinary dancers are able to express what tango means to them. [Read More]

More on less

I just read an interview with this year’s campeones, Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa (congratulations, and nice to see Neri & Yanina did well also :-) - Well, he quoted old milonguero wisdom: El que menos hace, a veces es el que hace más Which means something like, the one who does less, sometimes is the one that does more. (Forgive my translation, neither Spanish nor English is my native language). [Read More]