Vero Tango Quotes

During a class. "Good. Now that you know the move, try to enjoy it." "What?" "Enjoy it!" "Oh shit."


Learning the Language of Tango

by Simba tango If you don’t know the language of tango, you’ll miss out on a lot, and for once, I don’t mean in a metaphorical sense. One anecdote I remember from my early days of tango was being told of a workshop that started with the following announcement: ”This is an advanced class, hence it will be taught in Spanish…” I’m not sure who it supposedly was that said it, but I have a similar experience with Gustavo Naveira teaching in Buenos Aires with lots of foreigners present: –Is there anyone here that speaks absolutely no Spanish? [Read More]

The Music Instinct

You know more about music than you think. You start picking up the rules from the day you are born, yes even before. And part of what makes music enjoyable is this knowledge of what to expect and the delight when your expectations are fulfilled, or some times bent a little before they find resolution. This is part of the message of a fascinating book about music, The Music Instinct by Philip Ball, (read reviews for instance in The Economist, or in The Guardian) a book that I finally had time to finish reading this week-end. [Read More]

My name is Tango

by Alex Basnett The neverending discussions of styles in tango often leave me baffled, as the idea that one is to choose one of a small number of predefined styles seems perpendicular to my idea of tango. Which is it going to be? Traditional or modern? We have to remember that tango is a quite modern dance – it always was. And no book deals better with the issue of style and the clash of modern and traditional than My name is red by Orhan Pamuk, the author was awarded the Nobel price of literature. [Read More]

Why we never tire of tango music

by nadworks Tango music for the non-argentine 21st century tango lover is often something of an acquired taste. At least for tango dancers. The recordings are old, the music sounds strange, we don’t understand the lyrics – but we love the dance… After some time, we get more into the music, it all changes, and we become total fanáticos de tango, we can never get enough of the classics of tango music. [Read More]

The Secret -- Don't tell anyone

The main character is asked to prepare an omelet in the morning for his master, a Parisian intellectual. Feeling his cooking is underappreciated, he contemplates the intellectuals’ missing reflection on his artistry in the kitchen. This is clearly about tango: (From Monique Truong’s The Book of Salt:) Like children, gullible and full of wonder, they always ask, "What is your secret?" Do I look like a fool? I ask myself each time. [Read More]

Death in the Afternoon

Sometimes, reading on very different topics can give deep insights in tango. Death in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway is such a book. I thought of tango often when reading his treaty on bullfighting. While not being as deadly or controvertial as the bullfighting, tango is also a culture full of rituals and things you have to know to really appreciate. And it was the parts that was guiding the novice to understand the rich culture of bullfighting and its meaning that really made me think of tango. [Read More]