The Art of the Cabeceo Part II: Failing Gracefully

There she was, the girl with the blue dress. I noticed here before, but I never managed to catch her eye. Her seat was all the way over at the other corner, so I started walking between the tables. As I approached slowly, I tried to establish eye contact. She changed her position. A slight turn of the head. I got closer. She looked down. Opened her purse. [Read More]

The Tango Hustle

–So… what are these guys up to? There I was, attending my very first tango festival. I did not know very much about tango, but I did know enough to notice this couple. They were dancing, but they were doing something quite different… Different indeed. Yet there was something tangoish over it. Not quite ballroom tango, not quite Argentine tango, still a hint of tango. Only watching Saturday Night Fever probably years later, did I realize: What they had been doing was the tango hustle. [Read More]

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

by hdeb89 I was dancing a nice tanda with a friend of a friend, and while it was not exactly my favorite music, we were doing fine. We were having a good time. There were lots of people dancing, nobody got hurt, and we were dancing peacefully among the other couples. So far so good… I appreciated the festival organizers’ effort to give some extra credit to the djs. [Read More]

Not so easy

by Simba tango A teacher and his former student, on his first trip to Buenos Aires, run into each other outside La Glorieta and starts to chat. Suddenly the student bursts out: **A:** (about the music) This is milonga, right? **S: **No, this is tango. The conversation is drawing to an end, as the teacher is heading home. They talk for another minute, until the next song of the tanda starts and the student is eager to dance more: [Read More]

Quality and snobs

by 96dpi Food (and drinks) metaphors for tango seem to be popular lately, so here in another one: My brother and I have two very distinct wine quality stories that I find very amusing when seen together. Each involves a young woman, at the age where going to parties and flirting with alcohol is at its most exciting, somewhere just before or just after going to university. #1: A rather simple red wine was served with the main dish at a dinner party with the entire class of that year. [Read More]

Almost perfect

by Stuck in Customs It was my first tanda in the milongas with her. In the break between two dances at the legendary milonga at Club Sunderland, I was chatting with la preciosa, who later became one of my dearest tango friends. She asked me if I knew who was dancing (the exhibition) that night, and I confirmed, that yes, of course I knew. It was the very reason I went there that night, in fact. [Read More]

La Cumparsita

by Simba tango Niño Bien has always been one of my favorite milongas, and when I found the picture I used for illustration of my post on organizing a milonga, I was reminded that, unlike the photographer, I have never been there early, before the milonga really starts. For some reason, we always arrive late.. …and possibly stay late. Although not often so late as to hear the dj put on La Cumparsita, the tango often used to round off the night at Buenos Aires milongas. [Read More]

Why the Chileans love tango

by f _ d a y --Do you know why the Chileans love tango? I have made a couple of Chilean friends lately, and that means opportunities to practice my castellano. In all countries, the residents make jokes about their neighbours, and one of my new friends told me this one. Another invited us to his asado (or bbq as they say here), and kept insisting on me saying** **tu, not vos like in Argentina. [Read More]


by OpenThreads Breaking the dance of tango down to its smallest parts is a popular exercise. Why stop at forward-side-back-steps? What it really comes down to is one simple concept. If you can do it, you can tango. Or at least you need to be able to do it to dance it. Standing on one leg. For a week-end class, we had one student with some condition that made it impossible for her to stand on one leg. [Read More]

Nice floor

by Simba tango Simba found a new cage. It has the most lovely hardwood floor. Parquet. Yum-ba! We’ll see how much milongas there will be in the new town, but Simba already started patrolling the new territory with enrosques and paradas thrown in here and there. And it is smooooth! So at least some private dancing inside the cave, while guarding the offspring. I must admit floors mean a lot more to me after dancing tango for a while than they did before. [Read More]