Here is a short meta update. The time for moving has come, both physically and technologywise. In a few months I will be moving back to my hometown, which happens to have a vibrant tango community. Looking forward to that. I do have some ideas for posts, but what little time I have for tango at the moment is spent actually dancing and djing.

Also, this blog has moved, for a variety of reasons. There were some layout problems that I never found the time to fix. Since I don’t have as much time for writing about tango, but still wanted to keep the site up, I was looking for a simpler and cheaper way of hosting. And finally, besides articulating my thoughts through writing, this is also a playground for me to try out new web technology. So I moved to static html pages, automatically generated that is. Which is both moving forward in using popular new technologies, and a return to the basics, as that was how I used to make webpages back in the days, before starting this blog. So fitting in many ways I think. Hope you like the new “responsive” layout.

I tried to make sure most pages kept the same urls or have redirects, let me know if anything is broken, and I will try to fix it as soon as I get around to it.

Comments are moved to Disqus, and they seem to have carried over ok. I haven’t finally decided whether to keep them though, as the social aspect of blogging seems to largely having been taken over by the so called social media. I do want to keep the old comments, though. We’ll see how it works out.

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