Tango Baby

2012 February 9
by Simba

This post just became relevant again. Happy to bring some good news in 2012. This could mean more posts or less, we’ll see.

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  1. 2012 February 10

    Another? Ah! The future of tango is bright! All best wishes.

    I just realised I didn’t add a comment to your very interesting point that the contempt for Valentino in the 1980s might well have been for Nureyev as Valentino, rather than for Valentino himself. Indeed, a twisted tale. There was, it seems, a Latin American release of Russell’s film, so you might well be right there, unless Argentine TV showed old films, but I guess that’s possible too. These days, or course, YouTube means that Valentino’s version is readily available.

  2. 2012 February 20

    Thanks a lot!

    And thanks for the Valentino comment, I appreciate having a fellow film and tango geek. I’m not sure the Paris tango scenes of Valentino are on YouTube, though.

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