Letras de Non-Tango

Maybe you remember my Letras de Tango post a while back, showing the most used words in tango lyrics.  The possibility of doing something similar for other genres/pop music was raised in the comments. And the guys over at last.fm just did exactly that. So head over and have a look at their graphics for Blues, Country, Electronic, Folk, Goth, Hip-Hop, Indie, Metal, Rap, Rock and Soul. They also did some interesting distance charts, showing graphically how similar the lyrics of different genres are. Unfortunately they assume it’s all in English, so they need to sort out the language barrier before we could include tango in that in any meaningful way.

Using different fonts for each genre was a nice touch, maybe I should redo mine with an Art Deco font or something :-).

They also have some other interesting research going on, more on that later if ever I find the time…

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