Rare Tango Tracks Available in DyM’s ‘Tango Classics’ Series

2011 February 15
by Simba

I just learnt that the German label Danza y Movimiento (DyM) are issuing a new series called Tango Classics. It is based on the collection of the collector Klaus Johns. There seems to be quite a few tracks not available elsewhere, for instance by Julio De Caro, so it should be worth checking out for all you serious collectors out there 🙂 Also listed at tango.info.

Unfortunately, they only offer mp3 downloads at the time, flac or some other lossless option would be very nice. And a less tacky cover wouldn’t hurt either… (That last one is a bit surprising given their previous issues)

EDIT (2011-05-03) DyM now offer flac downloads for members.

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  1. 2011 February 16

    Thanks for the information! I went to check DyM’s website, it seems these new releases are only available in mp3 for downloading, so CD is not available. It’s like itunes.

  2. 2011 February 16

    Yes, that’s what I found too. Individual downloads are all good, but as I wrote, cd quality would be nice as I have plenty of storage space, bandwidth and may want to apply some processing and eq.

  3. 2011 April 18

    I recently discovered that these are available as lossless downloads from the French site qobuz:

    Unfortunately, it seems to be open to French residents only 🙁

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