Upcoming Documentary: Eyes Closed -- Ad occhi chiusi

I missed (at least) one on my last post on upcoming movies. This one is an Italian documentary.  Here is a link to the film website for more information, and here is a link to the Italian version of the trailer for those who prefer. From the website:

This will be the story of Rossana, a young Italian artist, who rediscovers her femininity by means of the Tango, going through a real metamorphosis which is enhanced by the sparkle in her eyes when telling her story. We will meet Nicola and Pietro, that fight their disease in the steps of tango. These intertwined stories are enriched by the voices and faces of the numerous protagonists: ordinary people who attend the “Milonga Illegal”, teachers and professional dancers, highly-rated scholars and researchers in many different fields of discipline who share an interest in the study of psychological and sociocultural behaviour behind this passion.

Anyone knows what Italian dialect are the first few Itialians are speaking? I’ve never heard that way of speaking Italian before, I think.

HT: Ilene

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