Classics of Tango Dance Music on Spotify

2010 November 15
by Simba

I believe the only way to come to understand the tango is by listening a lot to tango music. Music appreciation classes are all great, but no substitute for putting in hours and hours of listening. For our beginning classes we have always encouraged our students to start listening to tango music right away. We used to give them a free cd, but while feeling quite ok about this morally, it was a bit on the gray side, legally. We tried suggesting emusic as a cheap and quick introduction to tango music, but nowadays Spotify is all the rage.

Hence, in what will hopefully turn out to be a resource for my community (and others, maybe) in the future, I started putting together songs from Stephen Brown’s excellent list Classics of Tango Dance Music as Spotify playlists. It is by no means finished, but since these playlists are all collaborative playlists, you may give me a hand 🙂 Any help is very much appreciated. Please note that several tangos are available in multiple versions, and Stephen Brown doesn’t specify the version, so it’s a good idea to consult for cross-referencing whenever in doubt. At the time of writing, the playlists for Milonga, Vals and Early Golden Age are mostly done.

I got a few Spotify Free invites to spare, let me know if you need one. Spotify Free is currently available  in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain and The Netherlands.

Get the Classics of Tango Dance Music on Spotify here. EDIT: New URL of Classics of Tango Dance Music on Spotify.

Personally, I use Spotify almost exclusively for non-tango music, and it works incredibly well with my Squeezebox setup.

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  1. 2010 November 17
    Héctor permalink

    Hey, could you give me one of those Spotify invitations? =(
    I’m desperately looking for one!

  2. 2010 November 17

    @Héctor: Invite is on the way!

  3. 2010 November 18
    Chris permalink

    Also try Grooveshark. Like Spotify, but does not require a special program, and is free of charge and adverts. Here’s some tango:

  4. 2010 November 20

    @Chris: Looks interesting, but also a bit on the gray side, legally. In addition to being completely legal, the advantage of Spotify and similar services, is that they provide music outside the browser, something I consider an essential feature for a music service. A flash website simply doesn’t cut it for me, I want support for mobile phones, offline music, Sonos, Squeezebox etc.

    That said I absolutely welcome people to create similar playlists for other services like Napster, Rhapsody etc if they have similar capabilities with shared and/or collaborative playlists.

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