The Tango Hustle

2010 May 14

–So… what are these guys up to? There I was, attending my very first tango festival. I did not know very much about tango, but I did know enough to notice this couple. They were dancing, but they were doing something quite different… Different indeed. Yet there was something tangoish over it. Not quite ballroom tango, not quite Argentine tango, still a hint of tango.

Only watching Saturday Night Fever probably years later, did I realize: What they had been doing was the tango hustle. According to the Wikipedia Hustle entry, the tango hustle was in fact invented by the crew for this scene. You can watch a clip from Saturday Night Fever with the tango hustle here.

Of course, the opening walk of John Travolta in the very same movie is a must see if you need an illustration of how much can be in “just walking”. But you don’t need that, do you?

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  1. 2010 May 14

    Except that they’re not actually his feet.

  2. 2010 May 15

    They’re not? I never heard that.

    Not that it matters much. The walk is not primarily about the feet, neither in Saturday Night Fever, nor in the tango 🙂

  3. 2012 May 24
    The Dude permalink

    They were Travolta’s feet in every part of that opening sequence, with the exception of when he holds his shoe up to the shoes in the store window.

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