P.H. Shoes

2010 January 3
by Simba

I got the shoe factory P.H. recommended from several reliable sources, unfortunately I got the directions a little late, so we’ll see if I make it in time. Anyway, as a reference for next visit, here it is:

Grito de Asencio 3602, Pompeya – Buenos Aires

Tel/Fax: 4911-0295

The colectivo (bus) 160 goes there, according to the owner of the shoes in the bag above.

[xmlgm {http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?vps=2&jsv=196c&ie=UTF8&msa=0&output=nl&msid=112630563826716696064.00047bcc8224b458afdf1} width=500;height=400}]

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  1. 2010 January 4

    It takes at least 2 weeks and up to 1 or 2 months to order a pair of shoes. Good luck!

  2. 2010 January 4

    I am wondering how much one pair costs right now… (it translates: if I could still afford it. ) 😛

  3. 2010 January 5

    By the way, how is the neighbourhood where the shop is? I heard from a friend that it may not be that safe.

  4. 2010 January 5

    No surprise, I didn’t make it to P.H. Maybe next time, we’re leaving this afternoon. So if they only make to order, it would have been too late anyways.

    I don’t know about the neighbourhood, nobody warned me about it, though.

    For the first time ever I return from BsAs without a single pair of new tango shoes! Quite a feat, no?

  5. 2010 March 2
    beatriz lopez permalink

    Quiero saber el telefono de los zapatos de tango para hombre PH en barrio pompeya. puede enviarlo?

  6. 2010 March 4

    Beatriz, el número está en el texto: 4911-0295

  7. 2010 March 10
    ThunderFire999 permalink

    Shoes Factory PH Tango
    Phone +54 11 4911-0295
    email pascualtango@hotmail.com
    Today I was there and live very close -a few block from there-, Im a salsa dancer and asked them a visit card. They have a VERY handcrafty and tailored workshop, based and made on customer feet sizes, one by one, for women and men.
    The shop is in the very corner of Grito de Asencio street and Cachi street, 3 or 4 blocks from Avenida (Avenue) Saenz
    Many buses (colectivos) run close of this location, Nueva Pompeya neighborhood, here in Buenos Aires:
    91, 115, 6, 15, 85, 160, 32, 188, 112, 165, 28, 9, 128, 46, 42, 150… and more

    Greetings from Buenos Aires!!

    PD: I dont know if still open, but in the same neighbourhood, a few blocks from this shoemaker s shop, is BAR EL CHINO, a very raw tango site, only for tango experticers and followers, this place isnt in the travelers regular guides!!!

  8. 2010 March 10
    ThunderFire999 permalink

    BAr EL Chino
    Look at Google map. If you walk and take Cachi street, scroll down in the map, 5 blocks more or less, follow up to Beazley street, then turn to your left, at the middle of the block, you arrive to El Chino. Visit:

    Louis: yes, as other safety tourist advices, go to Pompeya at daytime, I dont recommed to stay by night or sunset, and dont go alone, stay in groups.


  9. 2010 March 11

    Thanks for the tips ThunderFire, I’ll make sure to pay Pompeya a visit on my next trip to Buenos Aires!

  10. 2010 March 17

    I am going this Friday. So I am sure you would hear more about it from a post. 🙂
    My friend, who has been getting a pair every month since he arrived in December, tells me that it costs 280 pesos for a pair.

  11. 2010 March 17

    I always enjoy tales about all the fun I’m missing out on… 🙂 How will you get the shoes back? Some friends picking them up for you?

  12. 2010 June 10

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    estamos inagurando nuestra pagina web, esperamos puedan visitarla y difundirla con sus amigos tangueros…

    Esperando sugerencias y comentarios

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