Cachafaz alfajores

Did you ever get the alfajores of Havanna in Buenos Aires recommended? And they did not live up to your expectations? Well, maybe I can tell you why.

First, an alfajor is a sort of biscuit or cookie, normally two layers with dulce de leche in between. They exist in different varieties, the main ones are the ones covered with chocolate, and the ones of maizena (of which I prefer the latter).

Now, the first time we saw the Cachafaz brand, we thought it was amusing because of the famous dancer that was called El Cachafaz, and we tried it out. It was delicious. Note that it may take some time getting used to these super dulce delicacies of Argentina. But like with the tango, it is worth the extra time spent.

The interesting turn came when a friend, a porteña, was visiting, and noticed a box of cachafaz alfajores (and conitos) on top of the fridge. She told us that the Havanna alfajores (that are sort of famous) used to taste so much better, until Havanna was sold to new owners about ten-fifteen years ago. The new owners changed the recipe, and the alfajores were never the same again.

Until Cachafaz entered the scene. According to our friend, some of the original owners of Havanna started Cachafaz, using the original recipe of Havanna. Including the maizena variety, which Havanna no longer sells. Needless to say, she agreed that they were delicious, and we had one conito each after our late dinner. Mmmmm.

PS: I couldn’t find much information at the cachafaz website, but this post seems to be consistent with our friend’s story.

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