El Tangauta interviews Chicho

ElTangauta182-ChichoAnother interesting interview with Chicho, and he elaborates on some of the same things as in the previous interview.

[The] milongueros had respect, delicacy and sensibility, it was totally different. I know my role is contradictory, because I also collaborated in generating this young movement. In its moment I got tired of the strict milonguero codes that didn’t correspond with my time and to rebel I tried to make my way. Today I’m a milonguero again (laughter); I’m against the people who do not cabecear (nod), who don’t have codes or respect. The value of tango has been diluted. That is why I say that many dancers are lost, they barely hold on to each other to dance and for two hours like zombies, it is very sad. > > _Mariano 'Chicho' Frumboli_ > >

Read the entire interview at El Tangauta, you need to register to download the pdf (issue 182). [Edit: It is now online here (direct link to the english translation)]

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