Treating the symptoms

Pill Mosaic Redux II by Dradd., on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License by  Dradd.

I had a laugh when I read this part by MovementInvitesMovement. In their wonderful, provocative style, they wrote an entire post about something that I hinted at in a comment in my post about clothes and tango.

Some hard core dancers would say that if it gets too warm with the jacket on, you are waisting energy ![;-)](

When my beloved wife read that, her immediate reaction was: hard core dancers? Why didn’t you write milonguero? I see her point, while in our household, they can be considered synonyms, it opens for misunderstandings. Isn’t the clueless guy spinning around like a ventilador (we all know how that may turn out) from festival to festival hard core? Milonguero resolves the ambiguity elegantly by removing the cluelessness.

Now, I sometimes wonder if this obsession with sweat is an anglo-american thing, as all the posts I can remember about this have been from that cultural sphere, but that is probably just exposing my prejudice. Of course, you should take the natural precautions, just as everywhere else, but if you have to resort to sportswear to keep dry… I said it before, and I will repeat it now: Going to a milonga means going out, not, I repeat: NOT work out.

While learning to dance tango certainly takes a lot of effort, dancing in a social context doesn’t really require much effort. On stage is a different matter, of course, but there is an awful lot of steps and sequences you can do without getting all wet if you do it right.

One practical tip for those of you still tempted to just numb your body and go on as before: work on your pivots. Yes gentlemen, I am talking to you. It is frustrating to see so called advanced dancers throwing themselves and their partner around in order to make the next step of the giro on the beat, when all it takes is a little pivot. I don’t know about ‘most efficient’, but certainly a lot more efficient and clearly a lot more elegant.

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