Japan Update

Finally some videos of the new champions. Bear over with the person holding the camera not being able to keep still, and make sure you get the milonga at the end. The Argentine newspaper Clarin has a short interview with them.

I mentioned in a previous post that Japan was important because of the collectors of tango music there, and Royce recently posted several posts (here, here and here [UPDATE: She added part 4, part 5 and part 6] ) on this topic that are well worth a read. I only have a couple of the CTA series myself, but they are great and I am looking for more.

Mari has a nice post about how the Japanese tea seremony can teach us about tango that I really enjoyed.

Finally, this seems to be a good placeto mention a great Japanese film about dancing, but not about tango. It is called Shall we dance. I never bothered to watch the Hollywood remake, and I suggest you don’t either. Go for the original. The Japanese cultural resistance to couple dancing only makes the dancing of the campeones more touching.

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