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2009 September 24
NYC: New York Times Building by wallyg, on Flickr
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We are so used to watching youtube videos from dancers’ exhibition all over the world, and I thought I would share an enthusiastic review using words to describe the impact seeing one of the talented young tango couples can have on a spectator without a background in tango (I think).

She and he combine gorgeously. No acrobatic lifts (no lifts at all, if I remember rightly), no high kicks; just two bodies scarcely sundered while dancing in unbroken streams of changing ideas to the music. To watch Ms. Hills twisting rapidly in Mr. Missé’s arms or slowly extending a leg to slide it down the outside of his leg is to feel, again and again, the sensuous and sensual delight of the tango at its truest.

Alastair Macauley, New York Times

How much as I love having all those small videos on the pc screen, it can’t compare with being there, and reading a well written account isn’t bad either.

Read the entire article here.

HT: Mariana

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  1. 2009 September 26

    Simba, I really enjoyed this. Thanks for the link. Nice to read something about tango dancers that isn’t a cliche.

  2. 2009 September 30

    Glad you enjoyed it! I liked the outsider’s perspective.

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