The Resistance

Wall of flyers by mirsasha, on Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License by  mirsasha

Tangocommuter is constructive and a man of action. Simba likes that. Following up on his own idea to distribute the homage to the milongueros, he has created  a flyer, and I am happy to host it here at

The challenge is, in his own words:

> > (...) print out a lot of copies, with an attractive picture, perhaps that of the entrance to Sin Rumbo, so that it looks like a regular leaflet, to leave on the table at the entry of every milonga we go to… > >

Quietly sneaking in a little education in the milongas. Nonobtrusive. Quite neat.

Now we need your help. Print out a handful of tangocommuter’s flyer, and leave it at your local milonga. Or make your own design if you prefer. You may use my images at flickr (with a cc license) or find someone else’s or make something yourself. Suggestions for improvements and new versions are most welcome.

And please do keep us updated on your success…

EDIT: New version from Tangocommuter, this prints four leaflets on one page.

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