Valentina's Tango


I got a tip about this film that I never heard about, starring rightly famous tango dancer Guillermina Quiroga, arguably one of the best female show dancers of our time. Browsing the reviews online, I wasn’t really sure this was something for me, but as it was available on Netflix, I decided to give Guillermina a chance. This is what Netflix writes about the film:

Teetering on the edge of madness, striking dancer Valentina (Guillermina Quiriga) keeps the obsessive love she has for her husband, Eduardo (Jordi Caballero), in check by dancing the tango with him. But as time goes on, she slowly drifts into insanity. As Valentina's family tries to rescue her, they instead find themselves drawn into her nightmarish world. George Perez and Dianna Miranda co-star in this passionate drama peppered with dark comedy.

I watched this movie right after reading this, and I had to re-read it just after finishing it, as I couldn’t really make it fit. It is all written in codes, you see. Let me translate that for you:

Tango dancer Valentina (Guillermina Quiroga) has an – uhm – unusal apetite for her husband Eduardo (Jordi Caballero). Performing with him is essential to keeping her satisfied. When he gets hurt so he can’t dance, she starts drinking and dreaming. While Eduardo cannot run his club, the couple’s grown up sons create an awful mess. George Perez and Dianna  Miranda co-star in this meant to be erotic drama with occational black humour.

A rather embarrasing affair, to be honest.

Not even the dancing is up to par, it takes two to tango, and Guillermina’s partners aren’t really up to the task.

Summary: While occationally funny, it is clearly going to the ‘stay away from’-list together with Tango fatal. What is it with tango and film…

Funny observation: It struck me that the male dancer in the animated short En tus brazos that I mentioned a while ago might well be modeled after the Eduardo character in Valentina’s Tango, wheelchair and all.

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