‘New’ tango music on eMusic

2009 July 20
by Simba
Ipodular Monkey by emilybean, on Flickr
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Just as I was seriously considering quitting eMusic for good —  they deleted my plan, essentially making it more expensive, after I forgot using my credits in time, they just added a load of tango albums, making it somewhat tempting to stay a while longer anyways. Several of the ‘Grandes del Tango’ albums published by Lantower were recently added and also some others. They also changed it so you can buy an entire album for 12 credits, which works out well for tango albums often with 20+ songs.

The problem is, I already have more music than I have time to listen to. Oh well.

Check out this list of tango music at eMusic, a good start for a beginner. Probably the fastest and cheapest way to get up to speed music wise. Legal, yours for ever, no DRM. I don’t like how they delete credits you don’t have time to use, but otherwise it is fine. You get free songs to keep when you sign up for a trial.

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  1. 2009 July 22

    In my experience with emusic, if you do leave them they’ll email you next month offering you 50 or 70 free tracks if you sign on again…

  2. 2009 July 22

    Aha, did they let you keep the music from previous subscription (for possible redownload), that is, if you resubscribed?

  3. 2009 July 23

    I haven’t resubscribed: using up the month’s credits was too time-consuming. But I’m still getting email offers, so I might go for it. Do a quick raid and get out again.

    One problem with the Lantower versions: I came back from BsAs with a whole stack of them, double CDs for about £6, which is great. But there’s no track info on them, so you don’t know what you’re buying. For instance, I bought the Lantower double CD of Pedro Laurenz, but found it’s exactly the same tracks I’d already bought on two separate Laurenz CDs, issued by different companies (the Reliquias and the Collecion 78 CDs). There’s very little info on Lantower: last time I checked there wasn’t even much of a catalogue online.

  4. 2009 July 23
    Simba permalink

    Yes, considering how cheap these discs are in BsAs, I might as well get them there in a couple of months.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Laurenz recorded much more.. If you haven’t already, you should check out Tobias Conradi’s tango.info, excellent resource for tagging your music collection. I guess this was the Laurenz release on Lantower.

  5. 2013 October 27
    El Ingeniero permalink

    Lantower is a little overenthusiastic with the filters. More than once I have found gross noise reduction artifacts on tracks on the Grandes series.

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