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2009 June 20
by Simba
From Happy Together

From Happy Together

Fortunately, tango is not always portrayed as completely kitsch in films. So I found that a handful of very nice films, with equally nice tango mandated a post of its own. These are all highly recommended, tango or not.

First Happy together by Wong Kar-Wai. He is actually one of my favourite directors, and uses tango as one way to tell us about the relationship and love between two people. One of whom work for some time in a tango bar in Buenos Aires. Not in a cliched fashion, which is quite a feat, given what is out there. Come to think of it, I probably should see this film again sometime soon myself.

Some of the eccentric characters in the Almodóvaresque Piedras by Spanish director Ramón Salazar, actually go to a milongas. The man, who is an Argentine brings a women, and he talks to her about the Argentine saying ‘Sacando viruta al piso’.  As far as I can remember, the dancing in the Madrid milonga was quite ‘authentic’.

Lastly, No suis là pour être aimé (Not here to be loved) almost made it to the film club post, as the main characters in this movie actually take tango lessons. And the lessons have a profound impact on the characters’ lives. In addition, they watch a show by Geraldine and Javier. So plenty of tango, and a nice film. How she came to fall for him is still a mystery, though. Never underestimate the power of tango, I guess…

So it is indeed possible. There must be more that I am unaware of or have forgotten. What are your favourites?

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  1. 2009 June 23

    Have you seen this one from Belgium?

  2. 2009 June 23

    I have now 🙂 Brilliant! I think I read about it a year ago or so, but didn’t know where to get it and then I forgot. Maybe I have to put together a post on tango shorts as well. Thanks a lot for the tip!

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