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One year of Yay!

I checked the stats for what would be the most popular regular posts, and they appear to be:

  1. Rose in mouth

  2. Alejandro Hermida & Maria Jose Grattarola

  3. Tango film club

  4. On circulation

  5. Entering the milonga

At feedburner, keeping track of my subscribers (thanks to all of you for reading!) the top five are:

  1. Competition

  2. Why we never tire of tango music

  3. White powder vs. Tango Argentino

  4. Up and down

  5. Color — like no other

In addition, there are some posts that I would like to point new readers to that may have slipped under the radar:

Thank you all for reading and commenting! And welcome to year two of Simba tango :-)

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