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Breaking the dance of tango down to its smallest parts is a popular exercise. Why stop at forward-side-back-steps? What it really comes down to is one simple concept. If you can do it, you can tango. Or at least you need to be able to do it to dance it.

Standing on one leg.

For a week-end class, we had one student with some condition that made it impossible for her to stand on one leg. Which was sad because the communication did not work at all. I was sorry to realize that she would never be able to dance tango, even if she really wanted to. We did our best to make it work and for her to have a good time, of course,  but it was quite clear that tango was not for her.

This may seem all too obvious to write a blogpost about, no? Well, there is a more subtle point I wanted to make. The best dancers have a clarity and elegance, simplicity of movement that we all long for (I suppose). And to a large degree it stems from their ability to stand on exactly one leg.

No less, no more… ;-)

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